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Simple steps to increase your domain authority

Domain Authority is the ranking score of a search engine that decides any website’s success by monitoring the search engine results. Moz has created the DA to give an overview of the performance of any website.

You can monitor your domain authority score by a domain authority checker to see how well your website’s performance is. By assessing your DA score, you can get an insight into areas that need improvement.

  • A score range between 20-30 will be considered as low scoring.
  • If your score range is 40-50, it represents your average position.  
  • However, if you gain a score above 70 or 80, it will be considered an outstanding score rate.
  • Websites with Higher DA are perceived to perform better as compared to lower DA sites.
  • How to increase your domain authority?

You can take a lot of measures to increase your website’s domain authority among your competitors on different search engines. Some of them are given below:

Target the right audience

Keep surveying the internet to find out the new trends. Figured out what type of content is influential, attracts people, and they want to link to. Now deliver the trending material and reach the right kind of people.

Use quality backlinks 

Always keep monitoring your backlinks as they can improve and damage domain authority. For example, if your website has links to Private blogging networks, then domain authority will be more prone to get damaged.

Create accurate content 

The content of your website should be unique. It should be relevant and rich to fulfill the needs of your target audience.

Use keywords

Incorporate primary, secondary, and main keywords. The position and density of keywords can upsurge the domain authority of your website.

Take support from adds

Advertisements such as Facebook Ads are considered good to promote noteworthy posts of your website. It will help you to gain organic visitors.

Increase Your Social Presence

Several retweets, likes, and shares help you evaluate and rank your page’s domain authority among different search engines. People will link back to your page if they find something interesting and relevant, consequently boost your domain authority score. So stay up to date on your social media.

Website speed

Pay specific attention to your website’s speed as if it delivers the content within a few seconds, it will boost domain authority. The website should be fast and quick for gaining a higher DA score.

Age of domain

It is the time when the website went live on Google for the first time till today. The age of the website also affects the domain authority. Keep moving and mentioning root domains to make continuous progress.

  • Role of domain authority in website ranking 

Domain authority score is the most exact demonstration of the search results and helps us understand why a particular website on google will rank higher than others. Consequently, we can assume a direct correlation between the high DA scores and higher website rankings.

  • It is a qualitative measure and substantially influences the overall prominence and rankings in search engines.
  • DA is considered a strong indicator of overall SEO performance.
  • DA is considered a critical focus for SEO experts and leads to adopting important SEO tactics, such as generating appropriate content and practice link building. Though, based on domain authority, we can’t guarantee success.

On the other hand, we need to monitor DA scores using any competitive domain authority checker to make uninterrupted developments for better performance.

  • How can you check website domain authority?

A domain authority checker helps you monitor the exact DA of your website to monitor your position among your competitors and take significant measures for making improvements.

Domain Authority checker by Smallseotools

This domain authority checker is fast, easy to operate, and reliable with its function. It gives the domain authority score of your website as well as Moz Rank. With this da checker, you can easily find out the backlinks domain rating and the SEO scores of any website. A DA checker tool by smallseotools can find domain ratings for up to 5 sites simultaneously.

Just open the tool and enter the URL to check website authority. Click on the “Check Authority” button to have site DA along with its Moz rank.

DA Checker by website SEO checker

This domain authority checker measures DA on a scale of 100 points and is considered one of the most reliable tools to define your page or website’s success and position. It evaluates the keyword position in your content and tells the exact age of the domain. It demonstrates the exact number, quality, quantity, and reference number of external backlinks. It spots the link that needs to be followed and unfollowed.

DA Checker by The Hoth

This Domain Authority Checker is functioned to assess the power of specific pages. It evaluates the probability for any website to rank higher in different search engines. It gives you the domain authority score for multiple URLs and performs a quick comparison between various websites. Remarkable features of this tool are:

  • It measures the website’s DA and all those individual pages linked back to your website.
  • It assesses the domain authority of your competitor’s websites.
  • Discover the effect of additional links that are pointing towards your website.
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