Socks have their own benefits and personal values

There are people who never get blisters but for most good walking socks are essential to prevent foot problems. After all, a hiking or hiking sock has a clear function. It must wick away perspiration, prevent friction between the hiking shoe and the foot, contribute to the total shock absorption and possibly provide thermal insulation:

Today, we see that socks come back in actual vogue. We no longer wear them to warm our feet, but also to let them stand out and offer us a certain flair among our shoes. We combine usefulness and attractiveness with practicality. But what materials are we supposed to purchase when our socks? We typically consider that wool socks are only for women in the winter, we add thick and warm wool with scratchy, but now Woollen Wear takes away these biases and explains everything about wool socks for women and their advantages!

Cotton or Wool?

We usually go for socks of cotton. They are small and inexpensive, but there are also a number of disadvantages. The substance serves as a sponge and facilitates sucking, and consequently unpleasant smells. This enhanced suddenness increases the perception of cold in winter. What are the fabrics for great socks to choose from?

Wool is a great woollen sock for ladies and it has numerous advantages. In the first place, it is very good for absorbing moisture like Pima cotton and bamboo to avoid excessive sugars and uncomfortable odors. It is also thermal regulating to keep you warm in winter and maintain you at a correct temp in summer, so that we can wear it in any season. The heat cannot escape without crushing your feet and blocking circulation due to the isolation capability.

Woolen socks womens are the best material choice. There are different types of wool, such as cashmere wool, sheep wool or alpaca wool. Which one is different?

Keep your skin dry in winters

Perhaps the most important function of the sock is to keep the foot skin dry. After all, with dry feet the chance of blisters is much less. Just like thermal innerwear, socks can also pass on moisture, but socks have a much harder time with that transfer because they are surrounded by shoes. Draining alone is therefore insufficient, they must also have a buffer function or be able to store moisture. The buffer function of the classic woolen sock is excellent because wool can absorb a lot of moisture without losing its shape and strength. Pure wool is not ideal, however, as it can itch and is not very hard-wearing. Manufacturers therefore often opt for a combination of different fibers in one sock: a synthetic fiber on the inside to keep the foot dry and wool on the outside for the buffer function.

Perfect Fit 

The right fit is primarily a matter of choosing the right shoe, but no shoe fits like a second skin around your foot. There are always imperfections and spaces so that the feet are not maximally fixed in the shoe. Socks then serve to fill those spaces so that the feet cannot slide and blisters do not occur. Experimenting with a slightly thinner or thicker ladies woolen socks online can optimize the fit and comfort.

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