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Some Key Differences between White Gold Vs Platinum to Consider Well Before Purchasing

In the jewellery world, gold and diamond is the most commonly preferred option. Day by day the value of gold is increasing and the love for diamonds is unchanged. It is considered as a most loved choice by the people. Over time, there has been a drastic change in the taste of choice where there have been many alternatives in the market that have grabbed much attention of the people.

For wedding or engagement ring the most demanding choice is a diamond. It’s been like a tradition that has been followed for a very long time. In the modern era, people now like to choose gold, lab grown diamonds, platinum, or other option for engagement rings. But if some people are wanting to buy an engagement ring of white gold or platinum then there are some considerations that should be kept in mind.

White gold is usually an alloy that contains 75% of gold and rests 25% of nickel and zinc. However, it is different from the original gold as it contains 75% of gold. On the contrary, platinum is a chemical element that is a heavy, precious, silver-white metal. It has good resistance to corrosion and chemical attack. Both have unique qualities in themselves but there are differences that a person should know before buying.

Some differences between white gold vs platinum to consider:

1) Made in process

White gold is made of 75% of gold and 25% of nickel and zinc whereas platinum is a chemical element that has a symbol of Pt.

2) Colour factor

A key difference between white gold and platinum is their colour. Platinum comes in a natural white metal. White gold is made of pure gold which appears in yellow colour. Platinum rings come in sliver colour where white gold comes in the kind of yellow-golden,

3) Durability

White gold looks very beautiful but one thing about this is it is not made with 100% pure gold. It is strong but not that much it might turn yellowish or colour may fade away with time. Platinum is a dense metal that is heavy and sturdy but in the passing of time, the glace will fade away it won’t turn colourless whatsoever. Platinum has one of the strongest durability as it’s a precious metal asset. It can easily bear tear and rough usage.

4) Cost

Probably this is one of the big factors between these two. It is one of the expensive assets to own. But white gold is slightly different in this case as it is not fully made with gold. Platinum is expensive than white gold. The reason behind this is it’s 30 times more unique, rare, and mined less than gold. Platinum is said to be denser than gold and expensive than white gold.

However, both can be considered as ideal choices for rings as each has its own beauty, sturdiness and benefit. But before purchasing white gold or platinum engagement rings these factors should be considered well while purchasing.

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