SOOMUS Review | Is this video presentation maker any good?

The newly work-from-home trend during lockdowns magnifies the importance of online presentation makers to showcase their works in a professional & engaging way.

The competition of presenting content in more engaging ways to boost awareness or conversions has increased than ever before. The world has moved from using complex PowerPoint video makers online to cutting-edge video presentation makers to enter a new era of content presentations. 

SOOMUS – Video Presentation Maker

SOOMUS – a widely used presentation software is currently talk-of-town in the digital world. It changes people’s perception regarding video presentations by introducing exceptional features.  

Whether you’re creating a video presentation for an online course, business plans, startups, or school assignments, SOOMUS is there to help you out in designing an engaging & distinct video presentation.

Let’s have a look at a few of its exceptional features.

Plethora of Templates

It has a plethora of readymade & customizable templates for varying topics like business, medical, & thesis, etc. Getting a perfect template for your chosen subject in no time eases the creation of video presentations.

Engaging Presentation modes

SOOMUS has four presentation modes with its basic ‘free Video Presentation maker’ plan. You can design your presentation by choosing the size & display area for slides & presenter video. You can switch among different modes to make an engaging video presentation.


Its pointer feature lets you create highly engaging video presentations. You can use pointers of different colors to interact with presentation elements in live or recorded presentation maker videos.


SOOMUS background feature makes it a leading PowerPoint video maker online. You can choose a background of your choice for presenter video from tens of virtual backgrounds. It also permits you to use any image from your system as a virtual background.

Go Live

It’s only a free video presentation maker that allows you to host a virtual meeting to display a live video presentation. It lets you choose video conference tools of your choice from Zoom, Skype, LARK, ZOHO, DISCORD, or VooV Meeting. 


It not only lets you make an online video presentation but allows you to record video presentations. Its recording feature enables you to create online courses & vlogs to publish or present later on.

SOOMUS | A cutting-edge video presentation maker

SOOMUS starts a new era of presenting our work virtually. Let’s have a look at the ways SOOMUS is helping different communities,


SOOMUS empowers businesses to boost their creativity level by creating engaging video presentations than ever before. Business managers can share sale reports, plans, or monthly milestones with their team in a creative & engaging way in real-time from anywhere.

SOOMUS basic plan enables startups & small businesses to enjoy the luxury of cutting-edge software to improve their productivity level without buying any expensive ‘PowerPoint video maker online’ tool.

Virtual learning

SOOMUS fulfills the need for virtual learning platforms in the pandemic. Schools, colleges, and universities use it to offer a wonderful learning experience to their students.

It lets you import PowerPoint files & individual slides in real-time video presentations to provide an interactive working experience. Similarly, you can import ‘presentation maker video’ into your presentation to make it professional.

Content Creator

Content creation has become a hobby, passion, and a popular earning method for this digital age people.

People create visual content to express their ideas, thoughts, & analysis, etc.

Content creators use ‘SOOMUS – free video presentation maker’ to create interactive content for their audience. It lets you import ‘presentation maker video’ with professional backgrounds & PowerPoint files in one place to design highly converting video presentations.

It’s time to look at the drawbacks of SOOMUS.

Disadvantages of SOOMUS

There’re few demerits you may experience working with SOOMUS as listed below,

  • You can’t use SOOMUS if you’re a mac user as it’s currently available in the Windows version.
  • You can’t enjoy beauty effects & high-quality video experiences with its basic plan.

Final Words

We have found SOOMUS a perfect video presentation maker tool after looking at its distinctive features & drawbacks. Its easy-to-use features enable even a newbie to create interacting & creative video presentations in no time.

The only suggestion to go with SOOMUS is to have stable internet & make sure to review the presentation before going live.

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