Spyic: the Best Android App for Undetectable & Effortless Spying

Is your spouse coming late from the office these days?

Do your kids remain glued to their smartphones?

Are your people complaining of being stuck in traffic when caught late for the office?

Has a friend of yours started avoiding you all of a sudden?

Such queries have become more frequent and norm these days. The more options technologies are offering to keep us connected and communicated, the more people are getting distant. They prefer smartphones and the digital world over the real one. A consequence of this is that one can’t predict what’s happening in the lives of others. They are remaining unaware of the fact that the other individual is suffering from some physical/mental health issue and needs help.

To make the situation better and build secure, lifelong bonding among individuals, various spying apps like Spyic have come into being. These applications, residing on Android devices, are rendering individuals a chance to keep a watchful eye on their near and dear ones and come up as their support system and safe guardians.

Sounds interesting? Wish to hear more about spy android applications?

Well, there is a surplus of android phone tracking platforms in the market. But for now, let’s focus entirely on the Spyic app.

An Overview of Spyic Android Monitoring Application

Spyic is one of the renowned mobile tracking apps that runs impressively on both Android and iOS devices The app, since its inception, has helped millions of users across 190 cities and has received recognition from many top organizations, such as AppAdvice, Business Standard, NextPit, and ValueWalk.

But, what makes the app so special? What does it entail?

Let’s dive deeper into the market and confirm – starting with the app features.

Prime Features that Will Catch Your Eye

  1. Track Geolocation

Not only the real-time location, but the Android tracking software also serves individuals with an opportunity to trace their daily whereabouts. This way, you can acknowledge all the places they have visited for the day and therefore, find out the truth in case they lied to you. (To learn more about its mechanism, check out this article for spying apps here.)

  1. Access Call Logs

The foremost feature that made Spyic a companion of over 1000 people is the ability to obtain call logs.

The application displays the complete list of contact numbers your targeted person has dialed, received calls from, the call duration, as well as the saved contact list. This further cuts down your hassle of figuring out who they are talking to for most of their time.

  1. Read Messages

Just like calls, the Spyic app for Android monitoring also keeps a comprehensive track of the messages exchanged on your targeted user’s device and helps in determining any threat to them or you or anyone else.

  1. View Browser History

Spyic also provides individuals an opportunity to have a glance at all sites their targeted users have browsed on the Internet, the time they spent on those sites, and the media files they saved. This feature proves to be a great aid in the case of teenagers who are innocently consuming hookup sites and other illegitimate content as well.

  1. Preview Videos

With video calls becoming the new way of interaction and assuming to be meeting in-person, Spyic has also introduced the option of preview videos. This option enables you to take a glimpse of whom and when they are interacting on Zoom, Skype, Line, and other such platforms.

  1. See Social Media Interactions

Be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, WeChat, Instagram, or Tinder, you can easily get insights into your targeted user’s activities on these social networking platforms.

You can see their followers, messages, media files exchanged, and even more. This gives you clarity on whether your targeted person is under threat, is cheating, or facing some kind of issue.

With this covered, let’s unveil the costing value associated with this smartphone tracking app.

A Quick Look at the Pricing Plans for Spyic Mobile Application

Spyic avails its features and benefits under three prime plans –

  1. Family

As the name says, the Family plan is crafted specifically for families and enables individuals to track up to 5 devices at a time. You can check upon their messages, phone calls, WhatsApp chats, browser history, and geolocation undetectable – all at just $33.33 per month for an annual subscription.

  1. Premium

If you wish to track the online activities of only one person, let’s say your fiancé, you can prefer the Premium plan. Available at $10.83 per month for an annual subscription, this plan enables you to keep a tab on just one device and access the tracked information from any web browser.

  1. Business

The business plan empowers brands to monitor about 25 company phones that are available to the employees. These devices can then be tracked to test the loyalty of their employees and prevent any business loss.

Now while the key features and costing of the Spyic Android tracking application are clear to you, let’s jump over some prime factors to ponder upon before making your mind.

Things to Know Before Using Spyic App

  1. Physical Access to the Targeted Device

Unlike many other applications, Spyic makes this crystal clear that physical access to the targeted smartphones is necessary. However, there’s a chance of tracking an iOS device remotely, only and only if the two-factor authentication is enabled or the iCloud backup isn’t activated on that device.

  1. No Jailbreaking

Another biggest factor that makes users feel confident about using the Spyic application is that it does not demand rooting of the targeted device. Something that reduces the time associated with the installation process as well as lowers down the risk associated with jailbreaking.

  1. Wider Compatibility range

When talking about Android, this phone tracking software is the right fit for any device running on Android 4.0 or higher. Whereas, in the case of Apple devices, it is compatible with all the iOS versions.

  1. 24×7 Customer Support

Though the app is user-centric and can be used regardless of your technical knowledge level, the team is ready to listen to your queries and assist – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. Money Return Guarantee

The last yet most important thing about the Spyic application is that the app not solely provides you an option to employ multiple payment methods, but also offers a 60-days money-back guarantee. So, in case you change your mind and don’t wish to spy on your loved ones anymore, you can easily claim the return.


As you can comprehend from this article, Spyic is a perfect spying application for both Android and iOS devices. It encompasses all the chief features and factors and is available on varied pricing values; making it easier for anyone to try their hands on the application.

So, what are you waiting for? Make this application your spying companion today, and ensure the safety and security of your loved ones as well as of your emotions.

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