Take Care of Your Feet by Getting Diabetic Socks

Diabetes is a condition related to high blood sugar levels in your body and the imbalance of a hormone called insulin. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you need to make dietary and lifestyle changes to control your blood sugar level.

People with diabetes have to take care of their feet because they will show how good or bad your diabetes is. You also get colorful diabetic socks to protect your feet. You must wonder what the connection between your feet and diabetes is. Well, this article will briefly explain everything that you need to know about diabetes and why it is crucial to protect your feet.

Why is protecting the feet important?

Diabetes can lead to nerve damage known as peripheral neuropathy, which affects the feet. People diagnosed with diabetes have to protect their feet from any damage. When the blood sugar level in your body is high, and there isn’t enough insulin produced to keep the sugar levels in control, your body has a hard time converting sugar into energy.

Excessive sugar causes trouble in blood circulation to different parts of the body. With a lack of proper blood circulation, your nerve lines start to wear off and significantly affect your feet the most. Severe nerve damage can further lead to different health problems, including the following ones.

  1. Lack of sensation to realize any cuts and wounds
  2. Wounds and cuts take longer to heal
  3. Multiple injuries leading to impaired balance
  4. High risk of leg amputation because of any infection development

What are diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks are specially designed to offer extra protection. Not everyone needs to wear diabetic socks, but if your doctor has suggested you wear them before stepping out of bed, you must do it without any excuses. Your feet can experience severe damage if you don’t follow the instructions given by your doctor. Below you’ll find a few properties of diabetic socks that will help you understand their properties better.

Diabetic socks come with extra padding for securing your feet

A diabetic patient has poor blood circulation, leading to a lack of sensation, nerve damage, and more. Diabetic socks are designed with extra padding to provide a thick layer of protection and act as a barrier between your feet and an external surface to prevent injuries.

Diabetic socks are made of soft and non-constricting material

The skin of a diabetic patient is susceptible. Even a tiny rash or cut might take days to heal. Therefore, a diabetic sock is made of very light and soft fabric that allows your feet to feel at ease all the time. It does not restrict blood circulation in the body at any point. Also, the fitting is such that it barely seems to feel that the socks exist.

Diabetic socks keep your feet warm but also keeps moisture away

For better blood circulation, you need to keep your feet warm. The warmer they feel, the better the blood circulation will be. However, socks that add warmth can even add moisture to the foot. But with good diabetic socks, you can rest assured that no moisture will accumulate and cause any discomfort.

Many decent brands manufacture colorful diabetic socks. After thoroughly reading the product’s reviews, you can check a few platforms and pick a few socks for your loved ones. Diabetic socks might not be necessary for all, but if you have been suggested to wear diabetic socks by your doctors, don’t overlook the potential damages you can experience by avoiding them.

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