Taking Your Business Beyond Google Translate

Using Google Translate

What do you do when you want to find out the meaning of a word in a foreign language? Do you avail of the services of language translation firms like Chinese translation services, or do you use Google Translate?

 If your answer is “Google Translate” then you’re probably among the millions of people all over the world that utilize this tool. Tourists often need to communicate with the locals. But unfortunately are unable to due to language barriers. In this scenario, there is no better substitute than Google Translate.

Business Expansion Need Something Besides Google Translate

Though Google Translate is the emergency exit button in an individual’s personal life, but it should not at all be the medium to promote your business offerings. For business expansion, you need to take help from localization firms such as Malay translation services. 

Regardless of the size of your business or the brand value of your company, even the smallest language errors can desecrate your organization’s name. 

Why Numerous Businesses Fail?

Numerous businesses are not able to effectively penetrate foreign markets. Reason being the substandard and bewildering messaging, cumbrous product names, or the ineptitude to work with the local supply chain labour. 

Moreover, if your translations are below par, you will eventually lose your potential end consumer. Meanwhile, damaging your enterprise and expenditure. 

In this article, we will discuss some ground realities of conducting business vis-a-vis linguistic challenges. Furthermore, how to recruit the best professional translating companion. 

  1. An Agency That Understands The Culture Of Your Target Audience

Absence of cultural Expression 

The fact that trivial mistakes and errors discards the accuracy of Google Translate for technical translations, it is actually the absence of cultural expressions and linguistic preferences that curbs the scope of this tool. Hence, organizations prefer to take assistance from software translation services for their software localization schemes, rather than opting for Google Translate. 

Conversing In Local Language

The basic rule for being accepted by your target market is that you need to converse in their language. Without an emotional bond, it’s hard for the locals to accept your product or service offering. One needs to capture the linguistic essence by utilizing their common phrases, idiomatic expressions, and traditional emblem. Though they cannot be translated verbatim, if used effectively, can only make sense in the target culture. 

This is a crucial step for firms that are planning to penetrate foreign markets. Because if they do not learn the lesson of cultural context and linguistic preferences, they might do everything perfectly, but still, fail to make an impression on the locale. 

  1. Seeking Out Experienced Translators Or The Ones From Your Own Target Market 

Consumer Attention

Customers are bombarded with an influx of advertisements and product propositions from different businesses on a daily basis. This has diminished the customer attention span. And has made them lose interest very quickly. Hence, the majority of pop-up ads are overlooked and disregarded by people. 

Team Of Skilled Translators 

However, if your translation agency has a team of skilled translators, like the Chinese translation services do, the entire game changes. An adept translator who has specific cultural proficiency can not only translate words but can actually carry the intended meaning. And mould it so that it can be understood in that specific culture. 

Traditional Intricacies

Moreover, they keep intact all the traditional intricacies, nuances, and preferences. This enables a smooth transfer of warmth, emotion, and meaning that is affiliated with specific culture only. Marketers proclaim that this is the best method to convey the message. And initiate a successful market penetration into the foreign market. 

  1. Technical Expertise Is Essential

The important thing to understand is that there is no substitute for technical expertise. Organizations need to acquire translators or translation agencies that have a team of technical translators. 

Complexity of Industries

People often perceive that technical translations are needed for medical or financial purposes. But the fact of the matter is that anything which pertains to a certain level of specialization or complexity needs a lit bit of explanation that might not be prevalent when first viewed. 

Moreover, industries like manufacturing, retailing, marketing, or even transportation are not borderline technical but do carry certain specified jargon used specifically for their content only. 

The Benefit of Technical Translators 

Technical translators will ensure that any specialized terminology is not alien to the local people. Furthermore, if there are some new technical words, only a technical expert can deal with them. So that the meaning is effectively conveyed. And there are no misunderstandings or mistranslations. 

Malay translation services are one of those language translation firms that have an entire team of technical translators. Hence, if you are looking for one, make sure to a hacker out their language portfolio. 


Surely, it can probably take you ages to seek out the most appropriate language translation service for your organization and brand image. But if you are patient, the results will surely be fruitful. 

Moreover, the expenditure will be a bit more than using Google Translate. And it will cost you a lot of time, money, and resources. But at the end of the day, you will be left satisfied that your message has been effectively conveyed to the foreign target market. 

Nonetheless, the most difficult step in this process is to ensure that your translation team understands the message of your brand. And localizes it perfectly in the new market. 

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