Teaching Online vs The Classroom – How Do They Compare?

Technology has played an important role in bringing several businesses to the doors. E-commerce platform development holds significant importance in it. Also, the digital platforms are available for the businesses to extend services as well.

Rising interest in the online classroom software is noticed. The global crisis is one of the leading causes of this rise.

This article gives a short briefing on how the online classroom session differs from the traditional methods of classroom teaching. Also, it informs readers about the benefits of investing in a virtual classroom platform development.

Concept Of Virtual Classrooms

Online classrooms are the digital solutions that help an organization or an individual to conduct live educational sessions with their students in an effective way. The digital solutions have recently caught a lot of attention with the schools and colleges resorting to these patterns. Also, coaching institutes are actively participating in adopting these digital solutions in their functioning.

Scroll down to know how these digital solutions can be useful for the teachers and the applications of it.

Scope For Teachers In A Digital Environment

The concept of running an online classroom is highly unregulated. This makes it highly vulnerable. However, depending on the capacity and using the right outsourcing technique, teachers can easily make huge money out of it.

What makes it more lucrative for the teachers is that they can easily balance their personal and professional life with the help of the virtual classrooms as it not only saves a lot of time but also some of the costs that are involved with travelling up to the classrooms.

Advantages Of Online Live Classroom App

Scroll down to know about the benefits of using advanced online classroom software for conducting classes when the entire world is adopting digital resorts in this global crisis.


The students and the teachers get the flexibility to schedule the classes by mutual consent. Deciding time has never been so easy than with the online classroom software.

Breaking the boundaries

Another important advantage of conducting online classes is that it does not require the students or teachers to be around. Instead, classes can easily be conducted via the online medium even if any of the students or the teacher itself is travelling.

Spreading knowledge 24*7

The online classroom software provides with the online study materials that can be accessed anytime by the students, all that is required is the students to log in to their accounts with the dedicated user ID.

Applications Of Online Classroom Software

Have a look at the various applications of the online classroom software for a clear picture of how the software solution can be helpful for your business purpose.

Academic Institutions

Online classroom software solutions are useful for schools, colleges and universities, and coaching institutes for conducting online classroom sessions addressing a huge number of students simultaneously.

Training employees

Business corporations are using advanced technology to conduct training sessions for the newly hired as well as existing employees. This can be a useful alternative for companies to carry out business operations smoothly during the COVID-19 period.

Freelancing Faculties

The independent tutors or the freelancers are also registering on these online solutions to extend their services to masses hence making it an effective platform for them as well.

Concept Of Classroom Teaching

The concept of classroom teaching is one that has been practised since ancient times. Over time, classroom teaching has evolved with the applications of various technologies. The use of projectors and whiteboard technology allows the faculty to share a better view and understanding to the students.

However, the pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted the regular classroom sessions forcing the institutions to adopt the online methods. The online software solutions exist not only to conduct the classes but also for conducting examinations.

Online Exam Software

Online exam software helps create a cheat-proof environment for the students to appear in the examinations remotely via a smart device and a high-speed internet connection. It speeds up time and saves paper cost incurred during a regular examination. Also, it empowers the faculty to create customized test papers and deliver instant results to the students.

The online exam software helps regulate the duration of the examination and also create examination in multiple formats such as MCQs, One-word answers, Yes or No, and many more.

Final words

Investing in online solutions to run your business during the lockdown and quarantine periods can be wise decisions. It not only helps you deliver your


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