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TechPally hints Cheap but Powerful SLR Camera

As a beginner photographer, you’re likely not going to understand the difference powerful camera can make in your photography.

We often think a great photoshoot lies in the skills of the photographer but it’s a wrong assertion.

There are quite number of accessories that can help to lighten up your great photo shooting skills.Especially in cinematography, the lens and lighting shouldn’t be less emphasized.

If you’re choosing SLR camera and your budget is low, then you should check the following cameras and their specs.

Sony A68

Although Sony is a well-known brand, in the world of SLR photography it does not have the reach that other brands such as Nikon or Canon may have, and not because they do not make quality products.

Do not be fooled by the volume of the Sony A68, despite this, it is quite light, says Techpally.

It supposes many improvements concerning the previous model, the Sony A58 since it now has a 24 megapixel, CMOS sensor and an  ISO sensitivity range that reaches up to 25,600.

Don’t forget that Sony A58 only reached up to 16,000). 

The model is the 79-point phase-detection autofocus system, with 15 reticular points. 

It continues to include translucent mirror technology, being able to shoot in burst mode up to 8 photos per second.

A camera at a good price is recommended for people who takes photo shoot regularly, probably using it for business. 

You can travel with it without carrying heavy equipment, TechPally advised. 

And for those who need to accurately capture fleeting moments such as a sporting event can get a hand on this one. 

Aspects to choose the Sony Alpha SLT- A68:

  • It has 24 megapixel Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Translucent mirror technology for 8fps shooting
  • It has 79-point autofocus system (15 crosshairs)
  • It features Full HD video recording and stereo sound
  • Flip-up screen

Pentax K-S2

If what you are looking for is a good and resistant camera, to accompany you on trips and excursions in which the weather conditions can vary a lot, this may be your camera.

It is the smallest SLR model in its class,  built dustproof and weather resistant.

It has a 20.12-megapixel sensor, which combined with its PRIME M II processor, offers us incredible results, says Techpally technician.

It still maintains a great  ISO sensitivity that can go up to values like 51,200.

It records video in Full HD and now includes, as a novelty, stereo sound recording. 

It has an 11-point focus system (9 of them crossed ), a folding and adjustable screen with a very good definition, and a  stabilization system on the body.

 One of the most remarkable aspects of this model is its connectivity since it has Wi-Fi and NFC. 

With the smartphone app, you can remotely shoot, transfer, view, and share on social media instantly.

Without a doubt, the perfect equipment for those who are afraid to take the camera out in case something happens to it, since its sealed body is made so that changes in the weather do not worry you when shooting the photo. 

On Amazon then find it for about $550, with the kit that carries the 18-50mm

Things to choose the Pentax K-S2 for:

  • It features ISO sensitivity up to 51,200
  • It features Wi-Fi and NFC connection
  • Stereo sound recording
  • 3 ” 921,000 dot TFT adjustable LCD screen
  • It has 20.12 megapixel CMOS sensor

If you want to invest a little more and significantly improve the performance of your first camera, take a look at the Pentax K-70.

It has a higher image resolution (24 megapixels) and a higher maximum ISO (102,400) but the price on Amazon is about $688 (body only).

The investment would be much higher if you buy lenses and accessories later. 

You are one step away from getting started in the world of reflex photography as soon as you decide who is going to be your faithful competitive partner.


You’ll not be able to explore your photographic skills until you’re able to practice photograph with one of the modern,  high-tech camera, says Techpally.

Search, compare, and think ahead, you need it of you want to go far in the business.

And remember that in the end the important thing, whether you buy the brand or model you buy, is that you enjoy photography. 

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