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The 3 Tips For A Successful Video Marketing Campaign

These days many brands and businesses have caught onto content marketing and what it can do for their business. It’s extremely effective at bringing in leads or increasing revenue as it allows your ideal customer to find you. Those are the people that are ready to become loyal fans or make a purchase right away.

The problem is that many brands and businesses stumble on the content part. The content they create is not always resonating with their audience. When this happens it is important to look into video marketing as this is content that works for a lot of brands. 

Video is engaging and attractive and is a great way for a brand to tell their story. In this article, we will go over several ideas to have in mind before you hire a corporate video productioncompany for your video content needs. 

1 – Tell a story

A mistake that a lot of brands make is to use video as a sales page. They come across as pushy and salesy and turn a lot of people off. It is crucial to remember that content marketing works because it is not a high pressure sales technique and that many people are coming for different reasons. 

Let your video be the tip of the sales funnel and let it tell the story of your brand. At this point in the relationship between your business and a lead is to build trust and loyalty. When a visitor to your video page arrives and doesn’t know much of what you’re about they should leave with a full understanding and volunteer to be part of the funnel to learn more and become a lead. 

Any kind of content should have value but with video it is especially important. There should be a clear indication that your brand is going to help the viewer solve their problem. To achieve this, the story needs to be concise, cohesive and engaging so that people want to watch and not just skip through it.

2 – Create a hook

Within the first few seconds of a video, a viewer has already decided if they are going to watch the whole thing or just back out of it. It’s important to create a hook, or an attention getting reason for them to want to watch. 

An effective hook is one that acts as a preview of what is to come in the video so a viewer understand what they will get out of it. How to grab their attention to deliver the hook is going to highly depend on the type of product, service or message you are making the video about. Different audiences will respond to different things. 

A hook can be funny like a blooper or side reel that lasts a second and then shows the preview of the video. Or, it could tug at an emotion by showing a scene that is near and dear to the person watching. A new mother will respond quickly to a scene of a nursing baby if your product is something about maternity. 

Find out what is important to your viewer and that will guide you to the right hook. 

3 – Find your audience

For your videos to be found by the right people, they have to be available in the places where those people are online. This is where figuring out who your ideal customer is so you can create a persona for that person. This is an avatar that you use to identify things like their motivation to buy and where they usually spend their money.

It also includes where they like to spend their time online. For instance, if your target is a man in his 50s that is looking for ways to do home repairs then you are not likely to have much success if you use Pinterest as your focus. You’re more likely to find him on Facebook. 

If your ideal customer is a young woman in her early 20s and your product is something that would help her be more creative, then a video on Instagram is going to be more successful. You have to find out who your audience is and then everything becomes clear as to where they will likely see the video. 


If video is not at least part of the content in your content marketing strategy then you are leaving money on the table. Connecting with an audience is important so having video is another tool in your arsenal to be able to do that and succeed with your campaign.

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