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In its early stages, forex trading was a relatively unregulated market that allowed a number of companies to take advantage of unsuspecting traders. Until recently, it was extremely difficult to distinguish the best foreign exchange brokers from the vast majority of companies that offered their services from various locations around the world. The absence of any meaningful regulatory oversight, as well as traders’ inability to assess the quality of a Forex broker, made it impossible for investors to conduct due diligence when selecting a Forex trading company. The relative loss of statistics supplied via way of means of online media, in addition to the misinterpretation of records via way of means of cheating marketplace elements, paved the manner for a slew of economic scams that led to billions of greenbacks in losses for each small and massive investors, respectively.

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The Forex market buying and selling network as an entire has suffered from an unparalleled quantity of unrealistic expectancies from green investors, which has led to a sure diploma of terrible public perception. There had been numerous times wherein the Forex market agents have enticed investors into the untold riches of the marketplace via way of means of promising them not possible returns from the Forex market buying and selling thru excessive leverage, most effective to take advantage of their losses time and time again. As a result, other brokers simply sought to keep all of their clients’ money for themselves by refusing to honor any withdrawal requests made by them, causing millions of Forex traders to face enormous psychological and financial obstacles.

As traders, we have placed our money with a number of best forex broker over the years, and we are well aware of the advantages of comparing different brokers before settling on a Forex trading company that can guarantee us world-

class trading services.

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It is common for internet users to come across a variety of reviews for various online products and services, which can have both positive and negative consequences for businesses and their customers, depending on the situation. Honest Forex broker reviews are far too few and far between, especially in this day and age of widely available online media, which allows anyone to post any kind of information without first verifying the accuracy of the information contained in these reviews. At one end of the spectrum, we have seen instances where competitors have paid for negative reviews, while on the other, we have seen instances where FX brokers have paid handsome sums of money to their clients and other independent reviewers in exchange for leaving positive reviews.

It becomes increasingly difficult for new traders to place their trust in online Forex broker reviews, and even experienced traders must go through a lengthy process of trial and error before finding a broker they can rely on.

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Prior to publishing the reviews on our website, we thoroughly check each one for inconsistencies and cross-reference all of the facts to ensure that they are accurate. Our goal is also to provide all information in its entirety, whether positive or negative because we believe it is our responsibility to provide the facts in their most accurate form to our readers.

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