The Best Kind of Medical Software You Must Have 

Before you read all about the best medical software, you must know the importance of electronic medical records to the success of your healthcare practice. Effective medical software is the essence needed to streamline your clinic’s daily operations and improve patient engagement. Hence, to better your practice, we recommend athena EMR as the best medical solution to equip yourself. 

Why You Need To Have Medical Software?

The current era that you live in continuously develops with new technology that changes how you did things before. Likewise, most medical practices have shifted from maintaining paper-based records to electronic medical records like athena EMR. The following benefits emphasize its importance: 

  • One significant advantage of utilizing this software is providing a better patient experience. 
  • If you don’t keep up with medical software and technology advancements, your clinic risks lagging in the healthcare industry. 
  • Using specialized EMR for scheduling appointments will help you work more efficiently. Also, the shortened waiting period will satisfy your patients with a hectic lifestyle. 
  • Medical software improves the patient registration process and their payments, which will promote their loyalty to your medical practice.  
  • Installing EHR software in your clinic will help make digital charting more efficient.  
  • Investing in a medical billing solution will reduce the number of denied claims. Also, it assists you in promptly identifying and correcting problems. Hence, it increases the flow of income in your practice. 

How athena EMR Can Change Your Practice?

athenahealth software is known for its all-in-one electronic health records and other comprehensive features. It provides a user-friendly dashboard that lets you navigate the software effortlessly. Another one of athena EMR software’s time-saving features includes enabling patients to fill out forms using the patient portal before their appointment. We will discuss its functions one-by-one below: 

Electronic Health Records

athenaClinicals simplifies and streamlines record-keeping of patients’ medical data because this module essentially functions as the EMR database. It removes the need to organize patient records in file cabinets and risk losing them. Instead, this method transfers all patient documents to the cloud for easy retrieval. It also lets you make changes to the records instantaneously to ensure they are updated at all times.  

Besides, athenaClinicals include tools to actively monitor your patients, analyze their medical history, and conduct research. You can organize records and access them whenever required with minimum effort and time. athena medical solution is popularly considered the best EMR software in its reviews. 

Revenue Cycle Management 

athenaCollector is a flexible solution that handles all your billing procedures and maximizes returns. Whether you own small practice or a large hospital, EMR software for urgent care can meet all your needs. It manages the submission of your claims and is the best way to assure a high claims approval score. 

Also, if an insurance claim is rejected, athenaCollector examines it and resolves the issues promptly before re-submitting them, thus wasting no time. As a result, you do not have to worry about spending hours to determine if patients qualify for insurance. In this way, you can focus on patient care entirely.  

Patient Engagement 

athenahealth includes a patient portal that has won awards for its user-friendliness. Patients can use it to view their medical information and crucial test results. Also, it is a secure platform that enables you and your patients to exchange messages outside the clinic. For example, you can send them appointment reminders and encourage those who haven’t had a check-up in a while to schedule one.  

In addition, athenahealth presents a quick and straightforward way for patients to make payments online instead of visiting the billing office. It makes it convenient for them to use your services and be satisfied. Also, users have shared in athena EMR reviews how patients scheduling their appointments online based on their time availability reduces no-shows and their administrative workload.  


With athenahealth EMR, you do not need to install any additional software to practice telehealth. athenaNet allows you to deliver patient care using its video conferencing tool. It also facilitates a group video call with four attendees.  

It offers the option to send patient reminders for their virtual patient visit. Moreover, they can chat with you using the same text messages and email channels. The only thing patients require to avail this opportunity with you is a working web browser and interconnected camera. So, integrating telehealth in your medical practices paves the way for the growth of your medical practice. 

Care Coordination  

One of the unique aspects of athena EMR software is that it allows you to collaborate with other doctors on delivering the best patient care. Also, you can share patients’ medical data, their lab findings in a secure, protected manner since the software conforms to HIPAA rules.  

Besides, you can transmit orders to nearby pharmacies with minimal clicks. It also increases the accuracy of prescription orders as it reduces misunderstandings caused by illegible handwriting. Hence, this benefits both you and patients, as evidenced in athena EMR reviews. 

How much athena EMR Costs You?

The exact cost estimate for athena EMR services varies with your required features. So, you can view the software’s free demo and then get a customized price quote by contacting the EHR vendor directly. However, generally, the cost of the athena EMR solution is $140 monthly for each provider.  

Subscribing to its medical service involves giving athenahealth 4% to 8% of your collections every month. You do not need to sign a long-term agreement for the athenaOne functions. 

Final Thoughts 

Athena EMR is a medical software with superb usability and provides significant advantages to your practice if implemented. In addition, it can streamline your practice with its high functionality and unique characteristics. Thus, we suggest that you boost your productivity with athenahealth and enhance the quality of your patient treatments.  

You can access the software demo to get the most accurate picture of its features and then decide which functions your practice needs right now. Athena EMR reviews are also accessible on the Internet if you want to read about the users’ opinions on the software. 

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