The Best Reasons for Moving Home

Sometimes, moving home just feels right. Whether you have a growing family or you can just afford something nicer, it could be time to find your dream home. But there are all sorts of other reasons that people move home. Here are the 15 best reasons to move home.

Buying a house instead of renting

For some people, renting is the only option. For example, if you’re new to a city or university. Most international students and those who move from one to another city prefer to use Rentberry which is the most visited website when it comes to finding apartments for rent. But for others, buying a house seems like the most logical thing to do. If you can afford it, then why not? Your parents always told you to buy a house when you’re older and now is the time. Bear in mind that there are all sorts of hidden costs involved in buying a house, which may mean that renting is actually cheaper.

Relationship changes

If your relationship is suffering, then a big change could be the answer. A new house may be all that it takes to revive a dying romance and to get you both on track. This isn’t just applicable to romantic relationships either. If you don’t get along with your family anymore because of their living situation, moving home might be the only way to save your relationship.

Job changes

You move for better job prospects. It’s one of the oldest stories in the book, but it still rings true today. If you want to get a better job but you’re currently living in an area with few opportunities, then maybe moving home could be the answer. Maybe you need to move home if your partner is living somewhere that has better job opportunities than the town that you’re currently in.

Better social life

Maybe you’re surrounded by good friends and a thriving social life, but the area where you’re living seems a bit dead. You may be surrounded by people but there are no fun things to do. Moving home can solve that problem because it gives you access to all the amenities of a city with some extra culture thrown in.

Bring in the new

Maybe you’ve got a death in the family and it’s time to move home to help your remaining relatives. Or maybe there’s an opportunity that requires you to leave a city far behind. Moving home can involve a lot of upheaval and stress, but it could be the right decision.

Saving money

It’s surprising how little it can cost to move home. You may need to pay a few fees and you’ll probably be looking at renting a moving van for a day, but the actual costs involved in moving home are surprisingly low. Services like vehicle home delivery and home-movers are more affordable than ever before.

Aging parents

Your parents are getting old and it’s time for you to move home. This isn’t always a happy situation. It could mean that your relationship with your family is suffering, but if they need you around then that is crucial. If your aging mother had just broken her leg, would you be able to look after her? Maybe, but it’s easier when you’re close by.


Maybe your family is shrinking. Maybe you can’t afford as big a house as you used to and it’s time for you to move home. You may be spending more money on bills, but this isn’t always considered. The financial benefits could far outweigh the extra cash that you need to spend on upkeep and mortgage payments.

Creative differences

Maybe you’re a musician and your bandmates are moving away. You may not be able to afford to move with them and it’s time for you to move home rather than breaking up the band prematurely. Or maybe, you’re an artist or writer and you need more inspiration to create something fantastic. People say that you need to live somewhere that inspires you and that may be the answer.

Upgrading to a larger home

This is the opposite of downsizing. You’ve got a big family and you need more space. You need a house that can accommodate your growing family and you need the space. You may be able to get away with moving up a few rungs in the property ladder if you rent, but there are going to be limitations as to how far up you can move.

A decline in standards

Your neighborhood is getting worse. Crime rates are up and you’re concerned about your safety. You’ve tried to change things, but it’s time for you to move home and somewhere safer. While this may not be the most exciting reason on the list, it’s an important one that many families need to consider.

Upgrading to a better home

Maybe you’re just looking for better amenities. In this day and age, we all want to have access to high-speed internet and a bigger property could give us the opportunity to do that. If there is something that you feel your family is lacking, moving home may be the answer.

Nicer neighbors

Maybe you’ve got a great group of friends, but your neighbors aren’t so friendly. Maybe they’re always complaining about something or maybe they keep to themselves. Sometimes moving home can solve the problem because you end up with nicer neighbors rather than missing out on them completely.

Better schools

Maybe your local schools just aren’t as good as you’d hoped. Maybe there are more resources available in a different town or city and that could give you access to some top-quality education for your kids without ever having to move away from home. There have been complaints about the difficulty of finding schools with a decent level of education and moving home could be the answer for you.

Seeking adventures overseas

Maybe you’ve had enough of the cold weather in your hometown. You want somewhere warmer and if there is a place with sunshine and beaches then why not give it a shot? While you may end up working to pay for it, this may be a way of getting some cheap traveling in as well. Moving abroad can be stressful but it could be the best decision of your life.

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