The Best Set of Ear Hangers: Ask & Embla Stretched Ear Hangers

When looking for stretched ear hangers, you should keep a few things in mind.

You can go with the traditional stretched ear hangers, which are just large hoops inserted into your ears and then stretched out to fit, or you can go with the more modern stretched ear hanger style, which is a stretched earring that you wear in your ear lobe. Both stretched ear hanger styles have benefits and drawbacks, so it’s essential to understand what each entails before deciding.

Traditional stretched ear hangers options are the more traditional option and are generally made from metal or plastic. They come in various sizes, and it’s essential to choose a stretched ear hanger that you feel comfortable wearing. Larger stretched ear hangers are easier to wear if you’re new to stretched earring styles but can be challenging to insert and remove.

Choice of material is also worth considering.

As not all materials are the same. For example, some people find flexible plastic stretched ear hangers more comfortable than metal stretched ear hangers. Your stretched piercer can also help you choose the appropriate size so that you don’t experience any discomfort when wearing your stretched ear hangers. Consult with your stretched piercer regarding stretched ear hangers before deciding which stretched ear hanger style is right for you.

Stretch your ears to this earring style by inserting the hoop through your piercing, and then as you let go of the hoop, it pulls forward on its own and snaps into place. It will stay stretched out until you take it out again. This stretched ear hanger style is quick and easy to put in and take out but does tend to fall out if you are doing something active accidentally.

You’ll also want to consider the type of metal the ear hanger is made of.

Sterling silver is a popular choice, but hangers are also made of gold, platinum, and other metals. You’ll also want to decide on the style of the hanger. Some are simple loops, while others have intricate designs.

Once you’ve decided on the gauge, metal, and style of stretched ear hanger you want, you need to find a reputable supplier. If you’re going to buy stretched ear hangers options online, many retailers carry the jewelry. You can also check with your local jeweler or body piercer to find out where they get their stretched ear hangers and go directly to the source if you like. Most sellers will be able to tell you what materials they use to make their stretched ear hangers, as well as the gauge of the jewelry.

Ask an expert if you’re unsure what stretched ear hanger is suitable for you or if you have any other questions about stretched ear hangers. Ask your piercer or local jeweler for advice on the best-stretched ear hanger for your needs. They’ll be happy to help you find the perfect stretched ear hanger for your style.


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