The Brief Guide That Makes Starting a New Doggy Daycare Simple

About 69 million households in the U.S. own a dog. Many of them are pet owners who got a “pandemic dog.” They needed something to keep them occupied during the pandemic.

Now that activities resumed, they’re looking for things to do with their dogs. People are back to work and the dogs are left at home.

An enterprising mind can take advantage of this trend by starting a doggy daycare business. It’s a great way to become your own boss and play with dogs all day.

Read on to find out how you can be a successful small business owner in the pet industry with a doggy daycare business.

1. Write a Business Plan

A business plan is the roadmap to follow as you start the business. It defines the brand, financial plan, marketing plan, and operations of the business.

It gives you a chance to survey the local market to find ways to position your business. You might find an underserved market that deserves more attention.

2. Find a Location

The location of your business is critical to your success. It has to be easy for dog parents to get to while it has plenty of space for dogs to run.

You’ll have to figure out how many dogs you can have in the space. Determine how you’ll separate large and small dogs. This will help you determine the pricing for your services.

Some people start off by boarding a few dogs in their homes. That is a possibility to test your business, but it might not be a permanent solution.

3. Get Supplies

The nice thing about a doggy daycare business is that you don’t have to invest in a lot of equipment to get started.

You’ll need to get equipment to clean kennels, quality dog treats, grooming supplies, and dog beds. It helps to work with the same vendors so you get the best prices.

4. Get Business Permits

You do need to register the business and get the right permits to operate. Every city and state has different requirements, so you need to check what’s required in your area.

Back up your business with adequate business insurance. Make sure you have coverage if the dogs damage the rental space and if something happens to dogs in your care.

5. Market the Doggy Daycare Business

You have a lot of ways to market your business. Start by networking and sharing your business with family and friends.

You can then get online with a website and social media presence. Take a lot of short videos that show how much fun the dogs have in your care. You’ll get an online following and a loyal clientele.

The Guide to Start a Doggy Daycare Business

Millions of people are starting businesses this year. You can join them and start your own doggy daycare business.

This guide showed you the basic steps to get started. Write a business plan, find a great location, and work with top-quality suppliers.

For more helpful business tips, check out the Business section of the blog.

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