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The future of digital marketing

Marketing as something proactive, not reactive

Marketing must be proactive, not reactive. It should anticipate what is going to happen and not focus on the past. In my opinion, one of the biggest failures of Marketing is that it is based on analyzing results, keywords, current trends, what has been successful, etc.

While this is something really useful for our strategies, Marketing should not have the vision set in the past but in the future to get a head start, it should anticipate what will happen and the trends that will emerge, not the current ones (we will dedicate an article exclusively to this). Therefore, in this post, we will analyze 12 challenges and needs of Digital Marketing in the coming years.

Intelligence Analysis

Greater use of Intelligence. While the profile of Intelligence Analyst has often been banished to large international organizations, security or at most to powerful companies and Business Intelligence. The Intelligence Analyst is a fundamental figure to get useful information and make relevant decisions for the success of projects, so it can not be ignored in the Digital Marketing sector and its future trends.

Intelligence Analysis, future Digital Marketing as say digital agency

Artificial Intelligence will have a boom in Big Data management and automation. We can see a clear example of the rise of AI in voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Home. Likewise, customer segmentation will be increasingly automated by the platforms themselves, which will facilitate email marketing, remarketing and advertising campaigns conducted through Google Ads, Facebook Ads and others.

It should be noted, the number of Google tools that you surely did not know and that will be developed and enable new features thanks to AI in the coming years, such as

Artificial Intelligence Future Digital Marketing


Another fruit of AI will be chatbots, computer programs that will allow the user to converse with it to ask for information. In CMA’s facebook you can find one that we integrate to see how it works. If you want to create one for your own company I recommend Chatfuel.

Chatbot future digital marketing

Primacy of videos

Facebook and Instagram have shown the success of videos over texts, so these are experiencing a boom in their use and companies and individuals will use them more and more. However, if it has had such an increase and everyone is starting to work with them more and more, will it really have any advantage when everyone uses it? Again, we are being reactive.

Digital marketing trend videos

VR and Digital Marketing

As an answer to this question and the “reactivity of using videos”, it would be advisable to be, as I mentioned, proactive, and for example focus on VR or Virtual Reality.

vr future digital marketing


Given the increase of web browsing via mobile, most marketing strategies, web design, advertising etc., will have to prepare and put the focus even more on Smartphones. A clear example is AMP and Google Ads focused on mobile.

smartphone digital marketing

Online chat

Given the success of Whatsapp, Messenger and other instant messaging applications, many people prefer to communicate here rather than by phone. In addition, we have become accustomed to wanting immediate responses and having someone there to answer us. Therefore, establishing this type of platform as an online chat on company websites will be increasingly relevant.

Online Chat Digital Marketing

Micro influencers

While the strategy of hiring Cristiano Ronaldo for an advertisement is typical, not everyone can afford it. In addition, there are theories that claim that these “influencers” are losing credibility because obviously, they recommend products because they are paid for it.

However, there are many small groups or communities with micro-influencers that can generate an impact (smaller, but more direct) than the big influencers. Therefore, focusing on these will be useful for the future of Digital Marketing.

micro influencers marketing

User experience

Marketing has evolved from focusing on the product to focusing on the customer, therefore, personalization is necessary and the user experience will be increasingly developed. They seem unimportant details, but the place where you put each CTA, each text, button, etc., is important. Therefore, more research will be done on these issues and technology will be developed to improve it.

SEO for AliExpress?

Google Adwords , Facebook campaigns etc., are typical, however it seems that Amazon will be more and more necessary and useful as a platform to advertise products. However, even if it is convenient.

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