HTML5 Games: Future and Its Impact on Game Development

HTML5 technology has surpassed Adobe flash in a number of ways. Let’s learn how the latest technology has affected gaming industry positively

Adobe flash games maintained a significant number of consumer base until the mid of the 20th decade. It’s pretty easy to spot people who still love playing the flash based games. However, most of users have already moved to the exclusive HTML5 technology due to a reason that the users of the software face lots of problems.

Two common errors that people generally struggle with the software include hacking and incompatibility. Many such problems have triggered the heavy use of HTML5 technology and, as a response; most of companies consider it to develop their potential browser-based games. In short, the future of html5 games is very bright.

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This write-up is surely for you in case if you are still wondering why more and more developers are inclining towards the use of html5 technology. Read it till end to know everything about HTML5.

Why Developers Are Shifting to HTML5 from Flash?

Several years before, Adobe was everywhere when you entered the world of internet. Flash programs were the only option video game companies had earlier. Developers and players had to continue it regardless of facing several challenges like performance problems, defects, security and stability issues. 

Adobe has already admitted that 2020 will be the final year for flash and, after that, there would be no web browsers and end support for the software. Hence, the Flash era is soon going to be disappeared from the market. And, HTML5 games are the future of the gaming industry. There are multiple reasons that have given this technology popularity among the users.

A Quick Comparison between HTML5 and Flash

  • Users need to download the extensions to run flash, however, with HTML5, extensions are not necessary. If you are not a technical savvy, installing something consumes lots of your time.
  • The use of new software is a cost-effective method to enjoy your favorite games. So, it doesn’t make a sense to buy expensive programs like flash to develop new games. Companies use the new software for free.
  • You can’t ignore the wider range markets HTML5 covers for the users, whereas the flash that asks for the plug-in and doesn’t allow many programs to use it.
  • Flash technology is heavy weight and CPU intensive as well, whereas the new technology requires comparatively lesser time to display webpages.
  • There is also a huge difference in the power needed to run the HTML5 based contents right from the processing energy needed for flash content.
  • The utilization of codes through which contention creation job is done and the result is shown when the page loads to produce the interactive content in HTML5. But, the storage of content produced in a browser is taken place on the containers while opting for the flash player, which is nothing, but a plug-in.
  • You can perform as many media streaming operations as you can with the help of HTML5 technology. But, when it comes to flash, users are allowed to stream content over the internet only. 

The Future of Online HTML5 Games

With the popularity HTML5 based games have gained in the last few years, we can conclude that the life of plug-in games is very short. But, it’s always too early to predict the future of anything in this world. No one knows that what would be happened next. Desktop users can still use flash games and their use in the mobile development has been awesome.

The truth is that everything will depend on what Adobe thinks about the continuation of flash. Some experts also look confused whether it will remain or vanish away. However, one thing is sure that it will not be able to provide the fun possibilities as its counterpart HTML5 will offer to the gaming world.

Several good games have still been released by flash in the recent times. But, they seem to be the last edition backed by the software. According to some experts, most of companies are not likely interested to use the software to develop latest games online. Many top browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari have restricted their users from using the flash based content.

By 2022, it will be difficult to see the implementation of the latest version. However, not all the browser makers have used all the functionality of HTML5. This new version has benefitted the game-developing industry dynamically. Developers look happier now when it comes to creating the powerful games as compared to the ones developed with the help of flash.

Final Words:

HTML5 would be the new thing to explore in the coming years. It has already surpassed the Adobe Flash technology in terms of popularity and usage. Apart from the consumers, developers also love utilizing it to perform multiple tasks.

No matter whether you want to play games or develop games, HTML5 is the first choice of everyone. You can expect to go with plenty of future fun possibilities with HTML5 that has now become a preferred option of many games developers and websites.


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