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The Link Between Cardiac Health And Erectile Dysfunction

Any defect or lack of performance in this organ detrimentally impacts the entire body. In Australia, one out of every 4 deaths is due to a cardiac issue! While it is harmful to both the genders, for men it can impact their relationships as cardiac issues directly linked to erectile dysfunction ED.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain firmness in the penis long enough to penetrate and complete sexual intercourse. Almost one million men in Australia suffer from this issue, while only 30% of Australian men actually consult a practitioner for this condition.

People with erectile dysfunction do not have the same symptoms or indications pointing towards this pathology. As per a study from all the patients, around ¼ has mild ED, almost 19% has moderate dysfunction while around 17% are unable to attain an erection.

Erectile issues and heart problems are closely linked, as the core of both is abnormal blood flow. The normal blood flow in the right pressure results in a healthy erection. While the appearance of a clot, blockage of vessels or damage in the vessel wall results in lower pressure of the flow across the heart which in return means lower pressure across the body resulting in ED.

 Issues Leading To ED And Cardiac Problems

The blood flow in a hypertensive patient is at a higher pressure than normal level. This tends to damage the delicate vessels of the body. Penis has extremely fragile blood vessels which, over the time gets damaged resulting in ED.

A high sugar level in the body also causes harm to the blood vessels. The injured vessels are therefore unable to carry the required amount of blood resulting in the issue of ED.

An increase in cholesterol level results in the deposition of saturated fatty acids in the walls of the blood vessels. These tend to reduce the width of the vessels creating hindrance to the blood flow and in the long run attributing to ED.

Obesity in itself is the root of many above mentioned problems. It eventually gives rise to the former issues and results in the same consequences.

The use of addictive and harmful substances like alcohol and tobacco damages the blood vessels by tweaking the production of chemical substances. Tobacco deposits as a layer in the arteries creating less space causing a blockage. All of these problems create heart issues and ED.

In congruence, all the aforementioned issues together as well as individually lead to cardiac issues like pain, damage and eventually strokes and heart attacks. The damage in the lead blood supplier also results in erectile dysfunction.


Over-the-counter relief which instantly gives results is the PDE-5 pills. These drugs aid the natural process and help in an erection. Sildenafil Cenforce, Tadalafil, Stendra, Vardenafil, Priligy and Kamagra are some commonly used formulas.

It is important to note that these pills should be bought and used only after consulting a specialist. These are also available online in Australia. For further details click here Oz Meds Online and find authentic medicines at the best price.

Other treatments include the use of physical gears which assist the flow of blood resulting in erection and even stops the outflow in order to retain the firmness till required. Surgeries and implants are even performed in the most extreme cases.

A healthy heart is key to a happy life, so adopt a healthy lifestyle to enjoy a satisfied and joyful life!

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