The Most Efficient Ways That You Can Pack Up Employee Desks

When you are moving office, one of the best things you can do is get your employees involved. This is good for them as it will get them to feel more like a fundamental part of the business as they facilitate the change of premises, but it will also save on time because more hands will be helping with everything. Of course, packing up your desk space so that it will be easy to transport and subsequently unpack can be quite a difficult process, so here are some of the most efficient ways to do it.

Work Out What You Actually Expect of Your Employees

Before you simply ask employees to pack up their desk space to help with the move, you should take a minute to work out what you expect them to pack up as some will interpret those vague instructions differently from others. Naturally, the likes of desks and office chairs will be left to the likes of a high end moving company, so make it clear to your employees you only expect them to pack the likes of what is on their desk and in their drawers.

Be Sure to Use Plastic Containers Rather than Using Cardboard

There is debate as to what should go on your desk, but one thing is for certain: there will be technology involved. Technology forms the foundation of a huge number of businesses now, and as such, regardless of who is moving, they are going to have some kind of electronic device amongst their packing. This kind of equipment can be expensive, and so in the move, you want to ensure that it’s as protected as possible. The best way that you can do this is by packing these items in plastic containers rather than cardboard. The good thing about plastic as well is that these containers will be able to be reused for storage even after the move is complete. They also create less waste than cardboard packaging.

Pack Heavy to Light

Again, this is all in the interest of keeping items as secure as possible. All of the heaviest items should be packed up first, and then the lighter items should go on top. This means that the lighter items are not going to get damaged in the move, and it also makes unpacking everything a lot easier. If you have flat items, you should also try to put these in your box first because they will be a lot easier to build on top of rather than more sporadically shaped items.


Moving office can be quite a stressful process as there are a lot of steps involved, but one of the ways you can make it easier for yourself is by asking your employees to help out. Simply by asking them to pack up their own desks, you are going to save yourself a lot of time and pressure. For advice on packing up desks, refer to the above.

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