The Most Successful JEE 2021 Revision Strategies

It is always thrilling to be a JEE aspirant, especially just a few weeks before the exams, which is the most crucial time. All of your sleepless nights, solving challenging problems, grinding yourself day and night to achieve your dream won’t go in vain. Always have faith in yourself.

While preparing for the JEE Mains, you must have decided which college you want to spend your engineering days in. But during the last few weeks, you are more likely to experience uncertainty and unnecessary doubt in yourself. Instead, fix your goal of how much you can score with confidence. A goal will always keep you moving forward and make you motivated to reach your goal. Here are some revision strategies to make it easier for you to pull off your exams smoothly.

Steps Of Revision

The first step to your revision will be to clear all the NCERT book concepts and solve all the questions from each chapter and subjects. Make a separate copy for solving the NCERT problems and numerical so that you can go through the same when needed.

While going through the NCERT, analyze your vital spots and your weak spots. Don’t stop going through your intense sports, as you should score 100 per cent from the portions you are powerful. Online learning is always helpful and convenient for your weak spots. Never ignore your weak spots, but go through as many videos as possible available on the internet. It will make your concepts clear, and you will have a good grip on the portions you are weak in. Understanding the concepts of your weak spots will soon make it easier for you to fill in the voids and will give you a chance to score more.

You need to make a proper schedule for yourself for the whole day. A good program will help you keep organized and save your crucial time. Additionally, you should have a strategic plan as well. You should be well aware of the scoring chapters and the portions you are confident about.

There might be some topics you have left untouched. It would be best if it stays intact. In the last weeks before the exam, don’t engage yourself in learning new topics. It would be a messy scenario, giving importance to contemporary issues and not revising the known ones, affecting your marks.

Make separate copies for different subjects, and write all the formulas according to the chapters. Making a separate copy for the formulas will make it easier for you while practising the numerical. Go through the formulas daily so that you can remember all the formulas. Remembering all formulas will make you confident and bring some steps closer to achieve better marks.

During the last weeks before the exam, don’t just read one subject extensively. It would be best if you went through all the subjects to revise every topic every day and not get bored of any subject.

Maths is one of the subjects which requires a lot of practice every day. But for the last few weeks before the exam, you should go through all the crucial formulas from all the chapters. Go through plenty of examples to get familiar with the question patterns and pull off the problem easily during the exam. Do not use a calculator whatsoever, as a calculator is not allowed during the JEE Mains.

Model Question Paper Solving

Just like the entire year of your question paper solving, don’t stop solving before the last few weeks of your exams. Time management is a vital step during a competitive exam. Solving question papers frequently will help you get better at time management. While practising model question papers, always follow the time restrictions. Solving question papers within the time given as per the exam rules will make you better at time management.

While solving the question papers, always make a habit of reading the question carefully, without missing any information. Jee questions do test your knowledge, but more importantly, it tries how smart you are. 

Trial and error methods are always handy if you are not sure about your answer. Still, if you face some doubts about your answer, don’t attempt that question. Always leave the questions unmarked, which you are not sure of the solution.

For clearing any concept at the last moment, always watch online videos as audiovisual. I will help you understand it quicker, and I will make you remember it clearly in future. You should also follow the JEE Mains solutions, which are available on different websites of Internet.

Things You Should Keep In Mind

The JEE mains 2021 exams will determine your future as well as your coming college life. You must have dreamt of studying in prestigious engineering colleges, and you have a goal to achieve. Refrain yourself from unnecessary pressure. Always keep time for yourself, doing nothing and just relaxing. The last few weeks before your exam is the most crucial time. Don’t waste your time going to tuition, other than doubt clearance classes. Refrain from all negative thoughts. Hope you will achieve your goal, wish you all best wishes for the JEE Mains 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it necessary to solve a question precisely by the same method as shown in an example?

No, it is unnecessary to solve the question precisely by the same method as shown in an example. You can apply your different techniques you know or in which you are comfortable and take less time to solve.

Q2. Are NCERT books beneficial for JEE Mains?

Yes, NCERT books will help you clear all your concepts. NCERT books should be the primary books you should study before going into other books for your JEE Mains preparation. It will be beneficial to go through your NCERT books first, practice all the numerical and go through all the solved examples. After that, it will be easier for you to solve questions from other books of JEE Mains.

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