The Needed Elements For Your Resume

A resume is a single page that could slow down your progress in the corporate field or a ladder for success. Even though many people are aware of this fact, they tend to make mistakes hence failing to earn their recruiter’s interest. Hence if you are a fresher it is always recommended to go to Resume writing services in India and Linkedin profile writing services for making sure that you would be hired within a few seconds.

These are a few things that should be present in all resumes, irrespective of the job position.

1. A Loaded Front-End

The top part of your resume should always be striking. Your resume would be amongst the thousand other piled-up resumes. So obviously the software would be designed to only look into the top parts of your resume rather than reading through the lines. So make sure you have added the right information and make sure that you include statements and data that can prove that you are a qualified individual for the job.

The writings in your resume should do your job within a few seconds. If you can’t make an impression within a few seconds then your application would refrain from future review. The top third of the first page will be the part that decides if you are the perfect fit for the job or not.

To do that you have to use Keywords.

2. Keyword Selection

These days everything is based on keywords, searching details on and off-internet would all be based upon that single word in your hand. So surely the same goes for your resume. Hence at the top of your resume, you should have at least 2-3 keywords. Like project management, accounting, B2B server, marketing, etc.

There are two reasons for using keywords:

  1. The person who is looking at your resume would be trying to match the application with the required qualification for the given job. Hence if you are using the right words then surely they would look more into your resume.
  2. Machine search: if the  Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is looking into your resume, then you should be sure that your top part is filled with enough keywords regarding the post that you are looking for.

3. Space 

Space is important, just like words. It is basic common sense to write or print a resume that is in a readable format. But at times people even forget this! Just for the sake of adding all your achievements and qualifications don’t cram up the whole paper. It is okay to leave out some of your qualifications that are not too important. Consider this, for example, the person able to read your main achievements or the person doesn’t being able to understand your achievements and ignoring your resume, which one is better?

It would be the first one. So make sure you type only the required details rather than cramping up with unwanted stuff. This process at times would be difficult, hence look out for resume writing services in India as they would be able to filter out the unwanted details and prioritize the ones that you need. This also goes for your LinkedIn profile, if you are trying to look out for opportunities through your LinkedIn profile, make sure you visit Linkedin writing services in India if you have any doubts on how to style your profile.

4. Measurable Success  

If you asked a child to describe how they performed their exams, their answer would be “I did it well, I was able to complete the exam quickly, really good and the list goes on”, over here all you can see is just words but not the proof to support this statement.

Well sadly, most of the freshers, even experienced professionals, have such words in their resumes. This would look so unprofessional and would make your recruiter lose interest instantly.

For example:

  • 1. I have increased the sales by 50% by using the current technology and software provided by the company
  • 2. I increased the sales of my company.

Even though both the sentences contain the same information, the first sentence sounds more credible and looks more realistic than the second sentence. Hence adding numbers and statics would level up your resume.

5. Flow 

Be clear with what you want to say. Even if a page has the most valuable information in it, people won’t read it until and unless it is clear and concise. Would you read a page that contains information written in a bad and clumsy manner, no right? The same goes for your recruiter. 

Those who are reading your resume should be able to understand who you are, what you do, what you are planning to do and what you did well and how well could you do the same thing again? If you can’t do the same, then it is just a waste of time.

Few Final Words

After typing out your resume, give it out to a person who doesn’t know about you. If they can read it and describe it properly and also explain everything well then you have done a great job. But if it is the opposite then make sure that you do the required changes. If needed don’t hesitate to seek out help, while visiting resume writing services in India they would be able to assess you properly and draft a resume that is suitable for you.

Murtaza Ali

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