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The Organic Inbound Marketing Techniques for B2B Companies

Inbound marketing is a business strategy that tries to “pull” customers by creating relevant content that is specifically tailored for them. It strolls around three wheels:

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Delight

While outbound marketing has an interruptive approach with your audience, inbound marketing provides content they are looking for and solves the challenges they are facing. It is said to generate 54% more leads than the traditional marketing tactics. Thus, new marketers leverage small business SEO packages at affordable rates to boost their leads.

Some Organic Inbound Marketing Techniques for B2B Companies

Inbound marketing comes with numerous perks for B2B organizations. A trustworthy SEO company in India can provide you with all of these. Let us have a look at some techniques an inbound marketing agency has for B2B Companies.

●     Understand your target audience

An inbound marketing strategy begins with a proper understanding of your target audience.

If your understanding of your ideal client profile needs to be worked on, use the following tactics:

  • Prepare a list of your current clients, update their data, and chart their buying journey.
  • You can even interview your best clients on their experience with you.

●     Package content utmost distribution

For maximum efficiency in content creation, repurposing and repackaging content works really well. Instead of striving hard to put out a bit of scattered unique content, you can turn a single piece of content into various forms such as articles, videos, and podcasts. The USP of the method is that you can create content as per the audience reach.

For instance, you can turn a live video interview with a client into video content on YouTube, a podcast, Or a written article, and can be shared in various formats on various social media platforms. 84% of B2B marketers make use of social media in some of the other forms for proper content distribution.

●     Generate trust and credibility with consistent output

Customer storytelling is inbound marketing’s best practice. You should indulge your clients in your content when and where possible, be it articles and case studies. 88% of B2B Marketers state that the most effective form of content marketing is case studies. Showcase their success story with your product or service in great detail including their background, challenges faced, success path and subsequent benefits from opting for your company. You should always work towards routing content towards your prospects.

●     Use content to build authentic relationships

For a successful content-driven inbound marketing strategy, it’s important to realize that content creation is a long-time investment with gradual payoffs in the form of great SEO, a solid database, and strong customer relationships. Content, forms, and nurturing emails remain available online and can be accessed anytime by the prospects via a range of channels, predominantly via search engines. This means a piece of content can yield results much later, expectedly or unexpectedly.

Having an authentic base of content leads to better quality leads and ultimately better sales outcomes, which is the end purpose of every marketing strategy.

●     Build your brand based on what others say about you

Your brand and your reputation are no different. Your reputation is not what you think you are. It is what others think of you. Create such a campaign that appreciates happy customers to provide positive reviews of your company.

Always be cautious of the reputation of your brand in the market and across social media. This involves leveraging a powerful media monitoring tool to keep you on top charts of real-time mentions.

●     Serve the whole customer life cycle

Content should be such that it serves throughout the customer lifecycle – from the beginning to the endnote. The goal is to provide content that adds value to your audience. It includes cold prospects, warm prospects, lost prospects, new clients, long-term clients, lost clients, and more.

The wider the scope of impact a piece of content makes, the better it serves your revenue outputs. If your content is designed only to impact the top funnel of the sales process, you are certainly not serving your audience well.

●     Track and analyze the entire sales funnel

Track and analyze the content to realize which content gets you the best results amongst your content-driven inbound marketing efforts.

You can take help from an inbound marketing agency as they provide various tracking and analytical tools.

To get your reps proper data on what messaging, links, or attachments get prospects to respond, use Outreach, Cirrus Insight, or Salesloft to send trackable content. This helps the sales rep to decide which medium or method works the best for their product.

Keep a check on the data-driven insights. Then focus on what works the best for you and work on points that need improvement.

Try it yourself!

Want to pull more leads across your sales funnel with ease? Try inbound marketing packages that serve the purpose. Get started today!

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