The World Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress was held in Dubai. Russian crypto influencers where invited as experts

The development and prospects of blockchain were discussed. Much attention was paid to how blockchain technology can be adopted in the global marketplace as a product or service that can bring benefits. The organizers managed to gather some of the best and most influential industry insiders, as well as investors who were keen to understand the risks and opportunities of this trend.

There was a lot of focus on local issues. Organizers and investors from the Middle East were, of course, interested in the development of digital assets in the region and the role Dubai could play in the cryptocurrency future. Among the guest speakers was Valeria Fedyakina, expert and influencer from Russia known in the crypto community as Bitmama. She spoke about how cryptocurrencies will change the world of finance soon and about the potential application of technology in various industries.

Valeria founded a cryptocurrency consulting company and has extensive knowledge in the field. Her practical experience is in high demand in Russia and abroad. The presentation by the crypto-enthusiast from Russia attracted a lot of interest, and many questions were asked about the risks and the role of cryptocurrencies in the global investment environment.

Valeria went beyond theory. She gave several examples and advice on how innovation and regulation in this field can be balanced. Market regulation issues are of particular interest to government officials,
who have legitimate concerns about such rapidly evolving decisions that change the investment environment. She also gave some advice on how to choose a blockchain project on the investor side? She pointed out possible prospects, volatility risks, and possible directions for development. She didn’t overlook the drawbacks,
and, most importantly, she gave solutions that could fix them, suggesting the emergence of new blockchains and services based on them.

Valeria is a recognized expert, and the audience highly values her opinion. She was optimistic about the organizers’ attempt to build a kind of social network, bringing together the financial elite and professionals. Such communities, in her view, can not only guide development but also warn and promptly solve problems that arise. She also spoke about Dubai’s prospects in this area, mainly predicting the possibility of a free circulation zone for cryptocurrencies. It’s a very bold assumption, but many believe it’s a valid one.

The second day of the event was dedicated to contacts between representatives of various projects and investors. Several presentations took place. Representatives of cryptocurrency exchanges were active.

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