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Things that women should remember when wearing a hat – The essential guidelines to count on

There was a time when hats got considered as a vital accessory piece in every lady’s closet! Today, the approach has changed. Today, women wear hats to protect their face and head from the harsh sun rays and when they want to make a fashion statement.

However, when it comes to sporting different hats, there are particular rules to count on. In this article, we have discussed some critical guidelines about the etiquettes of wearing a hat.

The things to do

  • Wear stylish hats regularly

The stylish womens hat styles include velvet cloches, berets, cowboy hats, Fedoras, and boater hats! These hats help sport a simple look and can differ in style, color, and shape. You can wear stylish hats indoors at a restaurant, at a person’s home, at cultural events, and in the mall. But itis advised that you don’t wear these hats to a concert or workplace. And it’s considered polite not to sport a hat when you are at a theatre.

  • Sport functional hats when there is a need

As opposed to the dressy hats, the functional hats offer complete security from dust and sun. You can wear your functional hats at a park or the beach. You need to follow the hat-wearing etiquette depending on the hat and the weather. For instance, if you are part of a huge crowd, it is more apt to take off your big-brimmed sun hat so that you don’t bump into people. And if there is snow in your winter hat, it would be ideal for removing it from your head.

  • 3. Make sure to sport baseball caps and athletic hats during sporting events and shows

Do you want to wear athletic hats or baseball caps? If yes, then you need to wear it during a sporting event or outdoors. It is rude to sport athletic hats and baseball caps in government offices, libraries, and schools. Hence, it would help if you didn’t use these hats in these places. Also, it is polite to take off your hat when you are having a meal, at the office, or at someone’s home. Remove your hat when the national anthem is playing at any event or gathering.

  • Always sport a hat with pride.

Unlike men, women do not need to remove their hats when they are indoors. And as the function of the hat evolved into an important accessory for any dress, it got socially accepted for women to wear their hats indoors. The hats that complement your suit or dinner dress should be kept on an entire evening. But if you are wearing a hat to keep yourself warm and not for style, you should remove it once you are indoors. It comprises of the knitted hats that you sport during winter.

  • Make sure that the hat is secure

No one wants their hat to fly away when they are attending a prestigious event. And neither would you want to wear your hat all day long. If you do so, it will cause inconvenience to yourself and the people who are around you. Also, as a correct hat-wearing etiquette, ensure that your hat has the right fit so that neither you nor people around you get uncomfortable. Every person comes with different head sizes, so your hat gets made according to your head size.

  • Wear hats that suit your face shape

It is essential to ensure that you wear a hat that compliments your face shape. A few guidelines that you must remember in this context include:

  1. Petite face – Opt-in for hats that are delicate and give a taller look.
  2. Round face – Choose hats with a small headpiece for elongating the face.
  3. Long face – A beret is a good choice.
  4. Squared jaw – Choose large hats that soften the face

Things not to do

  • Refrain from wearing a hat at an inappropriate event

When you are at sporting events, conventional church services, and funerals, you need to sport a dressy hat. There are a few churches that make it necessary for women to wear their hats. Also, if a wedding is taking place during luncheons and days, you might wear your hat. As hats are conventional, wearing them boils down to personal choice.

  • Refrain from wearing pins on your left side

If you are a woman, you should wear the pins and ornaments on your hat’s right side. The ornaments, decorations, and accessories comprise pins, bows, feathers, flowers, and ribbons. It is very different from what applies to men. The men need to add the decorations and ornaments towards their left side.

The best hats will work towards adding a stylish look to your complete outfit. However, if you don’t follow the correct etiquettes, you might style your hat and wear it wrong. If you were unaware of the right hat etiquettes, you should follow this guide.

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