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Things To Consider Before Traveling 2 Egypt


Egypt is a great country full of treasures and amazing historical sites to visit and that is why people come from all around the world to Egypt visit its fabulous sightseeing and spend their vacation in but just like so many countries around the world,

There are things you must keep in mind in order not to face problems during your vacation and for that reason, we have collected the most important tips and issues to enjoy the best Egypt tours and spend the best possible time in such a terrific tourist destination.

1. Don’t Miss Any of the Must-be Visited Sites

There are hundreds of amazing sites in Egypt, some of them are historical, some of them are archeological, others are just for fun and all of what you are required before coming to Egypt is to search very well regarding

The best places to visit and include in your program whether you are traveling alone or if you are traveling with a travel agency. In Giza, you should definitely pay a visit to the Pyramids, in Cairo; you need to visit the great Egyptian Museum and also head to the Islamic attractions plus enjoying a tour in Khan El-Khalili.

You also need to get on a board of a 5* deluxe Nile Cruise through which it is going to take you on a sailing adventure towards the most captivating archeological sites in Upper Egypt just like the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Philae Temple, Abu Simbel Temples, and other fascinating sites that shouldn’t be missed.

A visit to Alexandria city is also breathtaking as you are going to visit its fanciful Greco-Roman landmarks and tour around the highlights of the city including the Catacombs, Alexandria Library, Pompey’s Pillar, and the amazing citadel of Qaitbay.

For a beautiful relaxation tour on the beach, you should go towards the coastal beaches of the Red Sea and spend a couple of days in Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh which are two famous cities with the most fabulous sandy beaches & resorts and their incredible diving & snorkeling spots.

2. Make Sure to Have Some Cash with you Especially Small Bills

Money is considered the biggest issue for Egypt’s visitors as it seems difficult to determine which currency you should bring with you. This matter is very simple as all of what you need to do is to add extra money to your credit or debit card and you shouldn’t exchange your money until you arrive at Egypt so that you get a good exchange rate.

After exchanging some of your money in EGP, you should ask to get them in small bills as you are going to need them for your small purchases and for the tipping matter.

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that tipping is something very traditional in Egypt and that anyone who offers you any kind of service expects some money for it so it is highly recommended to keep smalls Egyptian bills with you for such a matter in order not to feel that you are paying lots of money with your USD or GBP.

3. Choose A Good Local Travel Agency

There are lots of undesirable issues that you may face if you are traveling alone and if it is the first time for you to travel especially if you are a solo woman and that is why booking with a travel agency is much recommended in that case to get all of the booking procedures done in a very efficient and suitable way.

Here are the recommended Egypt tour packages that will be very sufficient and safe for any traveler. It is something good to have those who assist you, people who know the best places to include, how to get good timing for transfers, and take care of everything for the most desirable Egypt Tours so don’t hesitate in contacting a travel agency and know their options before coming to astonishing Egypt.

4. Consider Whether in Egypt

This is another really important issue that travelers need to keep in mind while choosing the timing of their vacation as the weather differs greatly in Egypt from a season to another and any traveler who has come to Egypt before knows that season is about two seasons; summer and winter and they are also known as peaked & off-peaked seasons and it totally depends on you to choose the best time to enjoy your time in the land of culture and civilization.

There are some pros and cons for each season in Egypt; regarding the peaked season in Egypt, it is always during the winter & the spring season and the best thing about it is its moderate weather when tourists are free to enjoy tours all day long but the worst thing about it is the number of travelers who come and make it so difficult to enjoy time on each historical site and also the high rates of that season.

Regarding the summer season, it is not that peaked because of the hot weather and that is definitely not the first choice for Egypt’s visitors since you won’t get the chance to tour around the archeological sites especially those in Upper Egypt, in Cairo & Giza during the day time and you need to wait till the sunset to get out and have fun.

That season has also the advantages that can be included in its low rates and its fascinating water activities including snorkeling & diving in the coastal cities and it gets the appeal of those who like adventure and don’t mind hot weather.

5. Consider Wearing Proper Clothes While Being in Egypt

Either you are a man or a woman, you should know that your choice regarding your clothes means everything regarding your personality in Egypt and since Egypt is a very conservative country, you need to wear proper clothes to avoid getting any unnecessary attention. Here is a list of the most recommended types of clothes that you need to pack with you:

  • Some light T-shirts, shorts, or short skirts if it is summer
  • A blouse
  • At least one pair of trousers
  • A Jacket and a sweater if it is winter
  • A veil for only women and you will be able to find it in almost every shop in Egypt
  • A swimsuit if you intend to head to a coastal city or try the swimming pool on the board of your Nile cruise.

And regarding shoes, here is a list of the most comfortable types of shoes to wear in Egypt

  • Suitable walking shows “Like Trekking Sandals”
  • Flip-flops to wear while being at the coastal beaches
  • A pair of closed shoes
  • Pairs of socks.

6. Avoid Heat As Possible As You Can

Egypt is known for its desert weather especially during summer and you should definitely get a sunburn during your vacation and to do so, you need to pack for the heat and bring with you the required items to avoid such an issue. First of all, avoid wearing shorts and wear a t-shirt with a collar in order to protect your neck.

Bring your hat with you and put some sunscreen over your skin before going out during the daytime. Wear lightweight cotton and linen and the most important advice that you should keep in mind is to drink as much water as you can and always keep bottled water with you in your bag to drink wherever you are and avoid hydration.

7. Choose Your Food Very Carefully

You will get surprised upon your arrival to Egypt as you will find dozens of shops, cafés, and restaurants that offer oriental food on every single street with very reasonable prices but you will have to stop for a couple of seconds and ask for the best restaurants to enjoy your meals as not all places follow the safety & health measures and there have always been some complaints from travelers who come to Egypt regarding food.

There are also some hotels especially the 5* high luxury ones that allow travelers to enjoy their meals there even if they are not accommodated there and this is the most recommended thing to do if you are not booking your tour with a travel agency.

But if you would like to have our advice, we highly recommend choosing a good travel agency which will arrange all of your meals at the best restaurants in Egypt in each city and you won’t need to worry about that at all.

8. Consider Bargaining in Egypt

Just like how tipping is something traditional in Egypt, you will also figure out that you need to go through lots of negotiations and hassling to get the items you want at good prices. It has always been known regarding sellers in Egypt that they add extra fees to the actual cost of an item so that when buyers come to buy and negotiate about the price, they can give a lower price and make a deal. So don’t be shy and get the courage to leave the place and say thank you but no and after that, you will find the vendor coming after you and asking you for a second try to give a much better price.

You shouldn’t also feel obliged to buy something is you entered a specific place, it is always your right to choose to buy or not so don’t hesitate to leave the shop without buying anything if you didn’t find what you are looking for or if you found that they are offering items in high prices.

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