Things to know before applying for PMP Certifications

Project Management Professional Certification is called PMP certification; it is a designation awarded by the PMI, i.e., Project Management Institute, to experts who meet specific education & experience standards. 

There are some obligations that professionals must meet before they can opt for certification. To admit for PMP certification, you must have one of the following: 

A four-year degree (bachelors or equivalent)  & at least three years of project management experience, with 4,500 hours are leading & directing projects & 40 hours of project Management education.

Think you’re looking for a job as a project manager or already experienced in the related field & want to develop yourself as a project manager; in that case, a PMP certification is an important credential to add to your resume.

While the PMP credential refers to managing projects in any enterprise, some industries consider it more constantly than others.

You are allowed to exam up to 3 times within a year of your application approval

Date. Once you fail the examination three times within the one-year eligibility period, in that case, you need to wait for at least one year from the date of the last examination.

Then you can again apply for the exam.

The latest update of the PMP (Project  Management Professional) certification exam began on

2nd January 2021. It can come to your residence or office. 

After successfully passing the exam, you will get the congratulation from the PMI & Also, and a message will include the information that within 3 to 6 weeks, you may receive the certification at the given address at the time of examination for filling the application form of PMI exam. You can begin to instantly use the title “PMP” & project management professional after passing an exam. 

Below we have enlisted some crucial points on the PMP Exam Fee.

The cost of PMP certification change according to the institute. Therefore, require a minimum of 50,000 rupees which involves the examination fee & the preparation fee. The excellent training institutes offering PMP certification training cost around 15,000 to 25,000 rupees in India.

The PMP exam’s fail rate is relatively high at an estimated 40-50% for first-time test-takers. There is no specific number of questions that must answer accurately to pass the PMP Exam.

The PMP exam is challenging because it looks for a specific answer when the honest answer depends on the situation’s nuances & context. It tests your understanding of PMBOK.

Professional project management knowledge will be an added benefit for the PMI exam. Also, you cannot sit for the PMP certification without knowledge. Preparing for the exam is needed to aspire to attain the PMP Certification. Two hundred multiple-choice questions in only four hours is the PMP exam pattern.

Once you get PMP certified, you demand up to a 20% rise in your current salary also, you can compare it with a project manager who is not authorized by PMP certified. Hence, there is an evident PMP certification salary growth of 20%.


Also don’t get confused about the Prince2 and the project management certification (PMP), Read the difference between Prince2 vs PMP

Henceforth, all the details are provided in this blog are very important and one should not miss it.

Good Luck!

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