Three Tips For New E-Commerce Stores

For those people who have just set up an e-commerce store, the first months of your operation can be a little of an anticlimax. Your visibility will be low, and you’ll have to work hard to break into your market and establish yourself as a player in your niche. This article is all about how you can make your e-commerce store successful when you’ve only just set it up. While there is a fair amount of patience and e-commerce management involved, and you might have to wait to strike luck with the below strategies, they’ll all give you a better chance of being seen by the consumers you’re looking to target.

Product Listings

When consumers search through product listings on the likes of Amazon, they’re looking for photographs of excellent products, prices that they feel are reasonable, and a number of reviews that show that previous shoppers have enjoyed the product. If you’re new to Amazon or other product comparison sites, these are three key areas to focus on.

Make sure your photographs are as attractive as possible, as it’ll help you stand out against your rivals. When you’re pricing your products, bear in mind that this is a key differentiator for consumers. Make sure you’re not coming across as highly overpriced. Finally, try to encourage your first customers to leave reviews to get those all-important stars next to each of your listed products.


When you’ve just set up an e-commerce store, you’ll find that you’ve only just started your journey towards success. The next major stage is to build visibility on the likes of Amazon, as this is how you’ll generate the consistent sales that’ll see your store become successful. The best way to increase your visibility, of course, is to market your products and your store.

Marketing in the e-commerce space is competitive. If you’re unsure how it all works, your efforts might be in vain, and your marketing spending might be wasted. That’s why it’s advisable that you focus on building up your product listings while outsourcing marketing to experts. The team at, for instance, is there to help you generate more visibility and sales for your product listings – using pay-per-click advertising as a key driver in those efforts.


New stores can look suspicious if they’re not engaging with their customers. In your first months of operation, you should monitor public and private inquiries about your products, share information about your listings, and take to social media and other channels to promote your products and engage with customers directly.

One of the most important channels for you to monitor is the public question channel on Amazon. Common questions about your products will be shared here for all to see. You can show that you’re responsive, honest, and reliable by replying to these quickly and giving smart information about your products for future visitors to see.

These tips will help you generate more sales, trust, and visibility for your new e-commerce store.

Albert Cook

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