Tips to find the best credit card machine for your business

If you’re accepting payments in-person, amongst the other things that you would need to get started, one of them is the best credit card machine. You’ll want to choose an equipment that’s right for your business, today and in the coming future. 

That said, the following are a few typical business scenarios you’ll encounter and these will define which amongst the best credit card machines is the right fit for you. 

#1: Customers want to pay via mobile, but I don’t have the right terminal for it

Irrespective of whether you’re a small or a large business, you must accept payments via contactless cards, digital wallets, standalone credit card machines, an integrated POS system, and a mobile payment system. Today’s credit card machines do more than the traditional ones. Most new terminals contain near-field communications technology that allows contactless payments in a secure and convenient way. All new credit card machines are equipped with the capability to accept mobile payments. 

#2: I am looking for a payment system that processes credit card at the lowest possible card

If that is your requirement, all you need the best credit card machine in the market. 

Credit card terminals has been processing payments for businesses since long. With attributes like durability, simplicity and longevity, these credit card machines accept credit and debit cards. However, these days, even the most basic of credit card machines are equipped with the EMV technology, magstripe and NFC technology to accept digital payments. 

#3: I need a system that does more than processing payments, maintain order bookings and checkouts

You need an integrated POS system. 

An integrated point of sales system offers features of standalone credit card machines, combined with other essential business systems like ordering, accounting, and inventory. POS systems can be easily integrated with the hardware, software, and support; hence, assisting in your business growth propositions. These are highly customizable and can evolve as the business scales and changes. 

#4: I need a payment system that supports my customers right on the spot 

You need a mobile-enabled POS system

Even for small businesses, you need a payment system that allows for credit and debit card along with tablet and mobile-based transactions. A mobile POS system allows you to download a mobile application, plug-in the card reader, and conduct easy payments whenever and wherever you want. That said, mobile POS systems can be used by anyone since there is no training required. 

#5: I need a payment system that supports my inventory, accounting, and customers

 You need the best credit card machine with a POS system.

Modern credit card machines come packed with features that support inventory, customer management, employee management, and payments. So, you can look for similar kinds of payment system that accomplishes your business goals, offers high efficiency, and does all that at a minimal upfront and maintenance cost. The right credit card machine encourages business growth and takes it to the next level. 

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