Tips to Improve Back Pain

Work from home is now making some people work more than the office timing. People holding higher positions are especially required to attend regular meetings for hours without breaks. Continuous sitting on the chair and leaning to the sides to comfort the backache only increases the discomfort, and finally, at the end of the day, you have to again sit for a few hours to watch TV, have dinner, and read something.

All these strains on your backbone and muscles will lead to severe issues if not taken care of. There are some techniques by which you can reduce the pressure on your back, such as buying ergonomic chairs, a proper desk for a laptop, maintaining correct posture while sitting, etc.

Still, you will have to take a break from sitting on the chair if you need to give some relaxation to your body. And people in the IT sector are more prone to back pain, and doctors support these claims.

Calm down, and you don’t need to worry much because there are several techniques by which one can decrease the stress on their body while working for long hours and improve their health.

The following are the tips to reduce back pain during working hours:

Move now and then

Sitting for long hours is not the issue, but staying in an unhealthy posture is a problem. Your body can hold a posture for some minutes, and you will unconsciously change the posture. When the posture is not proper, it starts to ache, and you again change the posture, which will be not a good one either. One can solve this issue by taking a break from work and walking around a bit. You can go for a coffee break or talk to your colleagues (if you are at the office) or go lay down on your bed (if you are at home).

After a few minutes, please return to your seat, maintain the proper posture until you feel the pressure to change it, and repeat the method. Walking around and stretching will relax your muscles, and you can maintain the correct sitting posture for several minutes, even half an hour.

Sit-stand workstation

If you are not happy with the workstation you have now, you can choose the sit-stand workstation. This furniture lets you go from sitting to standing position within seconds and back to sitting again. This way, the strain in your back will be reduced. It is one way to stretch your body without taking a break from work. This type of workstation is usually electric, but you can get the manual one too.

Some ergonomic tips:

Set up your screen properly

The computer screen must be perfectly aligned to your eye level; otherwise, your neck will be the next victim after the back muscles. Set up the screen to the level of your eyes so that you don’t need to move your neck.

Ergonomic chairs

Buy an ergonomic chair for your workstation, and it will be the best investment for your home-office setup. The curve in this chair (backrest) will support your lower back, and you can easily stretch back as well. Buy the one with swivels and a coaster for easy movements.

Keyboard positioning

Position the keyboard so that your elbows bend not less or more than 90 degrees. It is the best position for typing and looking down without hurting the neck.

If you follow these tips without fail, you will see a drastic change in your back and neck muscle pain.

Albert Cook

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