Tips to Keep Your Phone from External Damage

Everyone has broken their phone’s screen or misplaced their gadget entirely at some point in their lives. According to new research, people damage their phones at a rate of 1,370 every day. According to this startling data, people in Brisbane have bid farewell to 2.5 million phones in the last five years alone. The figures come amid a drive in Australia for “Right to Repair” legislation, which would oblige manufacturers to provide third-party organizations with the tools they need to solve any problems they encounter. According to an additional study, Brisbane residents have invested over $755 million in fixing faulty phones. Here are some tips for preventing more harm to your phone while considering phone repair in Brisbane:

Use a screen protector.

Scratch-resistant screens constructed of Gorilla Glass or its equivalent are common on modern smartphones. These screens, however, are not unbreakable, so you may want to invest in a screen protector. If your keys damage your smartphone’s screen while it’s in your bag or pocket, you can replace it. The screen protector is easier and less expensive to replace than the phone’s built-in screen. In addition, many screen protectors have an oil-resistant coating that helps to prevent fingerprints and smudges.

Get a case

Smartphones’ small size is both a curse and a blessing. While your phone fits comfortably in your pockets, it can also fall out. Similarly, finding a place to put your phone on your desk is not difficult, but you can knock it off.

Investing in a case can help safeguard your smartphone from such mishaps. There are numerous cases types and protection levels to choose from to meet your specific requirements. Bumper cases, for example, cover the sides of the device, which take the brunt of the impact. Full cases wrap the phone completely and frequently include a glass screen. You can also acquire cases with chargers that supply extra power when the built-in battery on your smartphone dies.

Make sure your smartphone is dry.

Water-resistant cellphones are becoming more common among smartphone manufacturers. Although not completely waterproof, these phones can withstand rain or a splash in a puddle. If your smartphone isn’t water-resistant, you must take precautions to keep it dry if it’s likely to become wet. Keeping your smartphone dry in your bag is a good idea, especially if you’re strolling in the snow or rain. If that isn’t an option, or if there’s a good chance your phone will get wet while you’re doing it, you might want to invest in a waterproof case.

Extreme temperatures should be avoided.

Temperatures on either extreme can harm your smartphone. Leaving it in extreme heat or cold for an extended period might harm the battery and internal components of the device, perhaps resulting in data loss, reduced battery life, or the need to buy a new smartphone. Some of the smartphone’s parts become more rigid due to the extreme cold, making the gadget more prone to impact damage.

With common sense, you can avoid damage caused by severe temperatures. If it’s a scorching day, don’t leave your smartphone in the sunlight or an unsupervised parked car for an extended period. Similarly, don’t leave it in the car or even an exterior pocket of your jacket or coat on a bitterly cold day. Place it in an inner pocket instead, where your body heat will keep it warm.

Because of their sophisticated and sleek form, modern technological devices have become more useful with time and demand more care. If your phone is damaged, consider phone repair in Brisbane instead of throwing it away. A costly gadget with dents and bumps on its back may appear unsightly and uncomfortable. Still, you can protect your phone outwardly and internally by taking the preventative precautions discussed above. You can extend the life of your phone by following a few simple tips.

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