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Tips To Make Your Kitchen Appealing!

While decorating your countertop, you must know how to keep it tidy, and decorative. (155)

When you are styling your kitchen countertop, keep it functional. Many people think that they have to have every single kitchen appliance housed on their countertop. This is going to make your kitchen look extremely cluttered and it just does not look aesthetically pleasing. If you have plenty of countertops in your house, you are lucky enough to add your home’s overall aesthetic.  

While styling your countertops, make sure to pick those items that are functional. Pick the one that you are using on a daily basis. If you are in a smaller space, be smart using your space. The kitchen is in the congregating area of the home. Therefore, it is easy for kitchen counters to become a drop-off. Resist the urge to drop things on the buy kitchen countertops and instead find a permanent place for small stuff. 

Let us dive into the tips and tricks on decluttering and simplifying your kitchen. And here are some of your favorite countertop decor ideas

  1. Make them tidy
  2. Clean your sink
  3. Create stations
  4. Add some greenery
  5. Add decorations

Make Them Tidy

There is something entirely refreshing and life-giving about a clutter-free kitchen counter. It sets the tone and culture for the entire home. It communicates calmness, order, promotes opportunity, and possibility. The kitchen counter is one of the hardest places clutter-free, and yet it saves time and promotes cleanliness. There are several reasons for that.  Make sure to keep nothing in your countertop that is not necessarily in need of you. You can start cleaning off all your countertops first and avoid putting unnecessary items. 

If you have a small kitchen, you must need all the countertop space for food prep. In that case, you can store your appliances in the basement, if you have a kitchen with limited storage, one can have no reason to try and hide the things of everyday use. 

Clean Your Sink

A kitchen is a phenomenal place for the entire family and it is a very high-traffic area. Kitchen countertops and the sinks always go hand in hand. Untidy countertops make a kitchen look messy, while countertops are usually messy because when the sink is pulled with dishes. 

The purpose of the kitchen requires this to be messy. Using it as a collection area also leads it to be messy. While buying a kitchen countertop is difficult, it is not impossible.  Always make sure to clean your sink clean with dishes and so your whole kitchen will look amazingly nice.

Create Separate Station

Creating separate stations on the countertop is a great idea to decorate the kitchen countertop. It is an amazing way to make things in plain sight. We must have some people in our family that used to take coffee on a large amount. Your kitchen must be having a nice, prettier, and useful coffee station. Still, make sure to keep your coffee station contained, simple, and attractive. This will not only help you out but also make your life easier and give your kitchen countertop an elegant look. 

It is important to keep things near to you when you are cooking. Most of the kitchen countertops have some are next to the stove to place the food they are cooking. Because, while cooking, you can see a variety of oil drops and different elements on the countertop. Therefore, the cooking station is also very important to have. You can use a large galvanized metal try or a wooden holder to keep your things in order. If your cooking station is small, you can use a small cooking tray that can hold the most used wooden spoons or spatula, salt and pepper mill, and what you use necessarily. 

Add Some Greenery

Kitchen necessities do not allow to have a lot of counter space for decoration purposes, but, if you are much into greenery and love plants, you can make it look balanced. A small pot of plant or a simple vase with flowers would always be a good option. White always works nice with the kitchen colors and the blend of green can enhance your legacy. So, you can use a white marble pot with some greenery sticking out. 

Add Decorations

If you have a cohesive kitchen, you still have things to your fingertips. Having a nice decoration over your countertop is a great way to add a nice ambiance. You can use pretty jars, pots, decorative containers, some small plant pots that work best with your kitchen decor. You can use your own aesthetic sense to clean and clear off your countertop. That is the way you can enjoy your efficient and lovely aesthetics. 


Beautiful countertops are always very attractive. But when they become overly decorated, they begin to be complicated and also take up lots of unnecessary space. We all modify our kitchen from time to time according to our needs. A simple yet elegant station can help you in your time. If you prefer to buy kitchen countertops with surfaces like granite, quartz, marble, or stone, you can add a glance of wood to enhance your countertop decor. 

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