Tips To Stay Safe While Driving

Stay safe while driving because the number of people that got killed on the road from road accidents is alarming, and anybody can be at risk if you do not be careful. No matter how well you can drive, accidents can happen any time, anywhere when you are least expecting it.

Therefore, you can take some safety measures while driving to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. But these three basic tips to stay safe while driving might save lives!

3 Live Saving Tips to Stay Safe While Driving

Safe is a must thing, especially while you are driving a car or any vehicle. There may be hundreds of writing regarding this. However, here you will find 03 tips to stay safe. Though the number 03 seems low, those are effective. Let’s know.

Tip #1 Do not drink and drive!

It’s a no-brainer that if you drink and drive, you are bound to hit someone on the road speed limit map and you might kill them. Also, you might hit your car somewhere that might cause serious damage to your can, and you can be fatally injured or even worse!

The stats about drunk driving are that every fifty minutes, one fatal accident happens, and every two minutes, one person is injured in the United States.

According to a recent report, around 33% of the deaths in a car crash happens when the driver is drunk! Drinking under the influence or commonly known as DUI, is a serious crime in the United States and other countries like Canada, etcetera.

It’s a criminal offense that costs you jail time and might cost you your life or the life of a beloved one or someone innocent! So, one of the most important precautions while driving is to stay sober, folks!

If you like to have a little alcohol now and then, please make sure that you are not the one who is in the driving seat! Do not give in to your vices before or during driving and save lives!

Tip #2 Always wear your seatbelts!

You should always wear your seatbelts while driving. This is like, one of the most important safety precautions while driving, and you’ll see why.

According to recent stats, in all car crashes, wearing a seatbelt dropped the percentage of injury to half and dropped the percentage of fatality to 45 percent amongst front-seat passengers and drivers!

In a car crash, there are very high chances of you to be ejected from your car, and wearing a seatbelt can be a lifesaver! If you do not wear your seatbelt, the chances of you being ejected from your car rise to a whopping three thousand percent or thirty times!

Even if you don’t get ejected from your car, during a car crash, you’ll be thrown into an airbag in the front at full force. Again, you could get seriously injured or even die from that pressure!

It was seen in the stats that almost half of the victims of the fatal car crashes weren’t wearing their seatbelts properly! So buckling up can save lives and keep you safe and secure in your car seat in case there’s a car crash.

Tip #3 Do not use your phone while driving!

Many of us use our phones while driving, either talking on the phone or texting. No matter how important the call or the text is, do not do that at any cost! It distracts you, and you lose your focus, and you are very likely to be in an accident!

The stats say that at least over a million car crashes happen due to the driver being distracted with a cell phone that is roughly one-fourth of the total car crashes! Every year thousands of people drop dead, and hundreds of thousands of people are severely injured in the United States only due to a distracted driver using his cell phone.

Texting and driving is a crime and a civil offense punishable by a penalty in certain states. The stats also say (which is pretty obvious) young adults (in the age ranging from eighteen to thirty-four years) and teens have 59 percent more tendencies to text while driving than older citizens.

It is a very reckless behavior regardless of age, and you should avoid it at all costs! Just keep focused while driving and keep your phone on silent!

Why Do You Need To Get Insured?

No matter how careful and defensive you are as a driver, accidents can happen. That’s why getting the right car insurance is important to ensure that you’ll have the policy to back up any damages caused by an accident.

Car insurance policies come in basic and comprehensive options. Bodily injury liability insurance covers injuries that the policyholder caused to someone else. The family members (beneficiaries) listed on the policy are covered too when they drive someone else’s car with permission.

Every driver should have liability insurance coverage. If you’re involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, the victim can file a claim or lawsuit for a large amount of money for compensation. Hance, policyholders should consider buying more than the required minimum liability insurance of the state or country, enough to protect finances and assets.

You should consider getting compulsory third-party or CTP insurance coverage. Specifically, a CTP Green Slip refers to a type of car insurance covering the third party for an accident that caused physical injury or death. It’s important to compare greenslip insurance coverages or plans when choosing a reputable provider. 

Motor vehicle accidents may occur anytime and the at-fault driver won’t be covered by insurance or get claim benefits. Green slip insurance will cover the passengers, the other driver, and other third parties involved in an accident, like pedestrians and cyclists. 

Synopsis: Tips to stay safe while driving

Accidents can happen at any time, and death can come unannounced. Also, your car can have serious damages that might not be recoverable by your insurance company. All lives are precious.

To avoid car crashes, please do not commit these three deadly sins of driving. Follow these fundamental tips to stay safe while driving. Buckle up, keep sober, and keep focused and drive safe!

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