Top 10 App You Must Have When You in Business Travel

Ready for business travel? No need to take saving receipts, travel tips or flight status. Just make sure that you keep the 10 best apps with you. The  trip planning app will do the rest.

Google Drive

The most popular app is Google Drive. You can review your content, important Documents anytime and anywhere. Sharing document, modifying your content or tracking your team members are quite easy with these amazing Google drive. You can also purchase big cloud storage plan if needed to back up your files, maps, and everything.


Asana app lets you communicate with your team and manage your task .you can also view the deadline progress of any task. This app shows best with the Teamwork. If you manage a team with the best output then you should definitely have Asana. You can easily track the task and you can add attachments to your task for quick review.

City Mapper

Citymapper app is very easy to use and also playful. It offers more brief journey information than Google map including real-time alert, cycle routines, and Uber integration.City mapper is available around 30 cities worldwide. City mapper is the ultimate travel app lets you engage in enjoyment and the app will take care of everything.


Tripit is a kind of pocket travel agent lets you get travel information in your pocket. Also, travel information for flights, hotel, rental cars, and other booking are made on a single page. You can get all these things by just forward your emails to the app and it will do the rest. If you traveling with the Team you can easily share this app for a group trip.

App in the Air

The app in the air is a useful, smart flight tracking app show the best coverage for airports and airlines. It will let you know about the flight status. It helps you manage your time in four stages such as boarding, take off and landing. Air in the app is your flying assistant makes you up to date with all information like airport tips. Simply it uncovers all the secret tips.

Time Up

Time up is a good app to show the coverage in all the countries. It covers everything from Temple, bars and all the events. It having the most advanced tool like event finder .with this tool it’s easy to find the most popular festivals, all ongoing things around you. Also, you can book concert tickets and make the customized travel guide for your nice picnic.

Flight Track Pro

Flight Track pro shows you more than 1,400 airlines and 3,000 airports. You can easily manage your international lights with automatic updates. Cancellation and updates of flights are available now at your fingertips. Advanced features like flight alert, weather delays are available.


This app provides quick comparison of thousands of travel sites in the internet world. Major features like matching flight and car rentals and handling itineraries and tracking flight status are available. Kayak is available over 40 sites and 30 languages and provides offers like Kayak trips, price forecast and even more. This app is free for Android, iPhone, windows and BlackBerry.

Google Maps

One of the best things to explore new places is to keep a Google map with you. All traffic updates, city tours with 360-degree views available. It also lets you turn on and turn off your GPS navigation so that you can navigate like a pro. With Google map, you can easily navigate from Albuquerque to Azerbaijan. It can quickly roll over 3D cities like Spiderman. If you are planning a long trip then the airplane icon will show you how much time it will take to fly. International Drivers Association drivers also used this app normally for long trips.


This app provides city guides for major cities like Rome, London, Berlin, and New work e.t.c. Also, offline maps, flight tips, navigation tips and subway maps are available .you can see all the complicated road trips at glance. Even if you don’t know where you are exactly going citymaps2go lets you get the exact direction. This app cost is $2.99 for Android and iPhone xs 256gb price .


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