Top 5 Netflix Shows That Make You Crazy And Binge Watch All Time

Binge-watching and netflix are 2 best friends of all times. Yeah the recent times and studies conducted shows that for all the fun activities and dates, weekend plans people are more preferring binge watch Netflix. Well, here we are today with the top 5 shows of this month. So let’s get started. 


According to The Next Hint, Yummy Mummies Season 3 is going to be back. Yes I know with this news The Next Hint is giving many fans a happy bright smile. The show already has 2 seasons available on netflix. This show revolved  around 4 rich, pregnant women who supported each other all through her pregnant life and childbirth. Where the first season showed childbirth and pregnancy the second season showed the struggle of those 4 ladies juggling between child and their personal needs and desires. The major twist of the show earned a lot more fans and love. Now the third season is gonna premier only at netflix. 


When Cillian Murphy and Hardy mix together on the screen, what do you need? The magnificent Dark Knight is brought into the world? Well, certainly, but the amazing Peaky Blinders. I didn’t even mention them. The series was created around 1919 and derives its name from a certain street gang which, shortly after the Revolutionary War, gained control of Birmingham, England. The military veteran, Thomas Shelby, who together with his family is the subject of this gripping crime thriller, uses whatever means it takes to improve the criminal rank. For this comparison alone, the British Boardwalk Empire deserves to check. You’ll appreciate what begins in this historic gangster masterclass, if you’re a lover of this Netflix series? Peaky Blinders depicts a moment and place, which rarely takes a lot of time to watch, and asks you what a shit? Prepare literally the entire thing to binge.


In recent years, Breaking Bad is still one of the Greatest Television series. The murderous principle of a professor of chemistry and a meth dealer runs out over five seasons as this professor, Walter White, slowly becomes a lovely man. While hiding from his family his unlawful escapades, he caused slow bubbling stress throughout the entire series. Just when you don’t feel like the stakes can be lifted, Mr. White starts up his game by searching for ever wild extremes. His softly cool anger is amazing because of the sophisticated play of Bryan Cranston, who succeeds in making White an unbelievably captivating personality.

  1. YOU 

Greg Berlanti, the Masters of CW, comes from a series which is different from any one of his superhero movies. The show describes the story of Indie bookstore manager Joe (Penn Badgley), who is deeply obsessed with a client of his, Guinevere Beck, based upon Caroline Kepnes’ cruel-style novel. This is not your characteristic love story — despite appearances. The yearning of Joe drives him up to a new stalking level, which makes you unbelieving shake your head. This is the kind of “relationship” Patrick Bateman or Dexter Morgan would tantalize. Joe’s obsessive pursuit of Beck has highly debatable conduct, which makes television binge-tactic. With cliffhanger finishes at every episode and the sensation that Joe has a second to be picked up, you’re exactly the type of show you would like to see. Consider it as a cross between Dexter and the miserable women.


Castlevania is the sole surviving member of the infamous Belmont clan, Trevor (Richard Armitage). Castlevania is always phenomenal, with season 4 ending up with flavour, twists and turns in the story of Trevor vs. Dracula. If you want to just dip your nose into the series, only four, 20-minute length episodes will be the first season. No excuse to either not watch the animated adjustment immediately. Castlevania is not one to miss, unpredictable, stylish and well depicted. 

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