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Top 5 Seo Secrets That Very Few Marketers Know About SEO


The current world of business is heavily dependent on marketing efforts. And digital marketing is at the centre of the marketing world. So, SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. 

If you want your marketing efforts to be fruitful, you need to know about several marketing tactics and SEO secrets. Your competitors are already applying SEO to their business, but stay in the competition and surpass your competitors. Therefore, you need to do something your competitors are not doing. 

For digital marketing efforts, you may be doing several things yourself, such as social media marketing, blogging, and so many more. But here are some of the tactics that you may not be aware of yet. 

This article has listed several SEO secrets that you need to follow if you want to make progress as a marketer. Here are the five SEO tricks that you need to know about.

What Is SEO?  

You may already know what SEO is, but this is for reassurance and informing those new to SEO. The term SEO refers to optimizing a website or content on the website for ranking higher in the SERP. There are several ways to optimize a website for a higher rank in the SERP. Those methods are the SEO methods that the SEO experts do for ranking their website. 

5 Rare SEO Secrets

As a marketer, you must know these SEO tactics. So here are the SEO tactics that you have been looking for. 

  1. E.A.T

You may be alien to this new word even as an SEO marketer. However, this new SEO aspect is very, very reliable; as a result, various niche websites, for instance, finance, news, law, government, and health, are incorporating it into their websites. 

Google measures the Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness or E.A.T of a website to boost its rank. 

Google’s algorithm looks into the quality of a website and whether it is genuinely helping the users. The quality of a website and its pages and content are the benchmarks set by Google. Google uses such benchmarks to measure a website and ranks it in the SERP. 

Websites that fail to measure up to these benchmarks, Google pushes them down in the SERP. As a result, the website’s organic traffic decreases. So you need to optimize your website based on E.A.T if you want your website to rank in the SERP. 

  • Look Out For The Ranking Factors 

Google’s ranking factors are not absolute. No matter how much you know about SEO, there is always room for more learning. In addition, one SEO tactic that works for your competitor may not work for you. Google has more than 200 hundred SEO ranking factors, and they are constantly changing. 

So how do you do the best practices to rank your websites? The simple answer is checking all the top-ranking pages. If you check the top-ranking pages in the SERP, you will find your answers to all of your on-page SEO questions.

In the top-ranking pages, you can look for these factors-

  1. You can check out the page titles.
  2. You can look at the meta descriptions.
  3. Open those ranking pages in different tabs and then check the URL of the page.
  4. Check out the H1, H2, H3, and other subheadings. 
  5. You can look at the number of images used on the page.

Google is changing its algorithm now and then, so you need to always keep your eyes open for a new change in the algorithm.

3. Choose The Right Keyword

To stay in the competitive market, you need to be good with keywords. There are millions of keywords out there. You Can track different pages and content by using different keywords. But there is no chance for you to have the same traffic for all the keywords. 

As a marketer, your focus should be on the keywords that bring good traffic to your website. You may rank your website using a keyword, but it would all be for nothing if it does not have traffic potential. That is why we suggest you look for good keywords. So which keywords are the right ones for you? 

Here is an idea-

  • The keyword term should relate to the type of your website. It is a term that your website can rank for. 
  • The phrases should relate to each other. Your page will rank based on the authority of your page.

IF you have a new page with a low zero authority, it will be hard for you to rank the page using a very competitive keyword. Although you can rank your page using a long-tail keyword. So the competitiveness of the keyword you use is also an important factor. 

For a new website, you must look for less competitive keywords and have a higher chance of traffic. 

4. Featured Snippet 

Your page can also rank in the featured snippet. It is a healthy way to rank and gain traffic on your website. But what is the featured snippet? When you search for something using a specific keyword and google highlights a particular portion of content using a yellow or purple highlighter, it is a featured snippet. 

Google makes it easy for the users by highlighting a specific part of the content. The featured snippet makes it easy for the searchers with the specific information. So if you are concise and elemental about your content, you can rank your page on the SERP. 

5. User Intent 

You can rank your page by understanding and using keywords that match the users’ search intent. It’s an undervalued SEO tactic that you need to give importance to. Google ranks pages that help the searchers. So, if you are making content based on the user search intent, you will have a better chance of ranking your page. 


Whether you are selling products online or offering free themes online, your website needs to come higher in the SERP if you are looking for more traffic. This article’s SEO tricks are some of the SEO secrets most people avoid. However, you can use these tips and see a better result for your website. 

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