Top 5 Things You Should Know About KTM Duke 390

KTM is the largest motorcycle manufacturing company in Europe and is known for its range of sports bikes. The Duke series has gained immediate popularity in India. With models like 200 and now 390, the Duke bikes are a treat for bike lovers. 

We can say that KTM Duke 390 is superior to Duke 200 in many ways. After all, it has been designed to be better than the previous models on all fronts. From the latest braking system to new tyres and a higher speed, Duke 390 has a lot to offer. 

Engine and Gears 

Duke 390 comes with a 390cc 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with 32kW power. The bike also has six gears, the sixth being the tallest. Unlike Duke 200, you can take your time with gears and up the speed, even in lower ones. The slightest rev is enough to power the engine and push through the traffic. You’ll hardly have to go to the sixth gear on the city roads. 


Currently, the bike has only one variant and comes in two colours with some beautiful graphics. The aggressive design and revised, stiff suspension are advantages and disadvantages of the bike. That’s because the ride won’t be plush and cosy. It’s going to pack a punch, and unless you are prepared for something as powerful, it’s not likely that you’ll enjoy it. People who loved Duke 200 are more likely to enjoy Duke 390. 

Price and Tyres

The KTM Bikes price in Delhi is around INR 3.38 lakhs and upwards (on-road price). Yes, it is expensive than Duke 200, and every extra penny is justified. 

Tyres are the lifeline of any sports bike. A bad tyre could cause accidents and result in fatal injuries. Duke 390 has Metzeler Sportec M5 tyres that have been designed to be gripping even on wet roads. These premium radial tyres would do well on the Indian roads, though you’ll have to change them a little more often due to wear and tear. 

ABS (Antilock Braking System)

Duke 390 has been designed to comply with the new European regulations that made it compulsory for bikes to have an Antilock Braking System. This is to prevent the bike from skidding and throwing you off when you suddenly hit the brakes. Though there’s a button to turn off ABS, we recommend not using it. 

Other Specifications of KTM Duke 390 –

  • Dry Weight: 149 kg 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: ~13.4 litres 
  • Ground Clearance: 185 mm
  • Suspension: WP upside-down Ø 43 mm (front); WP monoshock (rear) 
  • Brakes: Four-piston radial fixed caliper brake disc of 320 mm (front); Single-piston floating caliper brake disc of 230 mm (rear)

Top Speed and Mileage 

Now, the best part about Duke 390 is that it clocks 167 KMPH as the top speed. And what’s more, the sixth gear we previously talked about makes sure that the bike goes steady and sustains momentum when you’re at 120-130 KMPH. This makes Duke 390 one of the best bikes for long drives. 

Well, we don’t buy a sports bike for its mileage, right? But Duke 390 manages to surprise us yet again. The bike gives mileage of almost as much as Duke 200, thanks to the extra power. Since it requires fewer revs, less fuel is spent on kicking the speed, and thus, a better mileage. Duke 390 gives about 29 km/l, which is just one litre less than Duke 200. 


The KTM Bikes price in Delhi isn’t what we call affordable, and that’s expected. When a bike offers so many features, the cost is bound to reflect its worth. 

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