Top 5 video editors to boost your video marketing

The constant growth of YouTube and the rise of videos on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, show us that video is a fundamental part of content marketing. Video is one of the favorite content for users. For this reason, we compile a series of professional and simple editing programs.

First of all, let’s look at the advantages that video marketing offers for companies:

  1. The number of users who consume videos on a daily basis reaches 100 million people. 9 out of 10 Internet users follow the brand they like through the videos they share on the net. It is estimated that the traffic generated by the videos will exceed 80% of the total traffic on the network.
  2. The new generations seek speed and convenience, something that video perfectly fulfills since it does not require any effort. Besides, It is much easier to retain a video in memory than a text, so the brand will remain in the user’s memory for longer and will reinforce the brand image.
  3. The contents that are shared the most on social networks are videos. Some of them go viral. Virtualization is something that every company would like for its videos, although it is not easy to achieve. You have to find what type of video pleases the company’s target users.
  4. Almost 90% of users who make purchases online affirm that the brand’s video (whether explanatory or promotional) helps them decide to buy. If the company includes videos on its website’s landing page, the conversion will increase by 80%.
  5. The time spent on a web page increases when we include a video in it.,which helps the natural positioning in the results of the search engines. According to a study, the chances of appearing in Google search results increase by 50% if you have opted for a good video marketing strategy.
  6. Social platforms are already betting on videos. Twitter already offers the possibility to record and edit videos, and Facebook wants to optimize the consumption of user data through the QuickFire Network.
  7. Carrying out small business video marketing campaigns does not have to be expensive. It will depend on each company’s needs, but as indicated at the beginning of the article, there are many free tools that support video marketing.

Below you will find a list of video editing tools. Now take a look to discover which of them can help you. To take full advantage of video marketing, you need an excellent video editing tool that meets your users’ expectations.

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Top 5 video editors

1. FlexClip

It is a free online video editor that enables users to create a fancy video in a few clicks. With the various preset templates, everyone can get a stunning video easily. No download or skill is needed.

2.VSDC Free Video Editor

Although it is a free license software, it is compatible with most video formats. And it has various advanced functions to generate professional content, among which we can mention: object transformation, advanced sound effects, and color correction.

3. HitFilm Express

It is a free software for video editing developed by FXHome. It includes a library with more than 120 special effects that we can apply to our clips, as well as transitions, curl editing, and 2D and 3D effects.

4. Hyperlapse

Launched by Instagram, It allows you to edit videos by synthesizing the content, modifying their speed, and then publishing them either on Instagram or Facebook. You can choose the clip speed between 2 and 12 times higher than normal.

5. Inshot

It is a basic and simple application, so it is very easy to use. It allows us to cut sections of the video and add background music and some fancy color filters.

In conclusion

Companies that intend to reinforce their brand image for the user or have an excellent digital presence on the Internet should not neglect audiovisual marketing. All these apps provide the necessary tools to produce high-quality audiovisual content. Most of them are free or at a very low price. So go through all these tools and adapt your video marketing strategies from now on to improve web traffic and brand positioning.

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