Top 8 Free VIN Decoder Websites (100% Works & New Updated)

Every car in the current age has a VIN. It’s a 17-digit character that can tell you more about the vehicle. If you want to know what your car is made of or verify a seller’s information, then decoding that VIN is essential.

Every character has something to say, and the best part is that there is a digit that will tell you if the VIN is fake. How you decode is essential, and we will not show you how you can do it manually. Why? Because there are websites that can help you do that.

We have the top 8 free VIN decoding websites for you to check out. All you need is a device with a superb internet connection to get through.

What is a VIN Decoder?

As we have said above, a VIN holds information about the car. You should also note that every VIN is unique to the vehicle, just like fingerprints are to humans. The process of cracking the VIN to tell you what the characters mean is what we call decoding.

Therefore, a VIN decoder is a platform that helps in retrieving the information from the characters with assistance from verified data sources. Decoders will tell you about the WMI (World Manufacturer Identification), the car’s model and type, country of origin, and more.

It will also go ahead to tell you about the car’s history. With such a glimpse, it’s time to see the eight free VIN decoders that work all the time and are constantly updated.

The Eight Free VIN Decoder Websites


If you want a website that can decode quickly and provide accurate and ample information, check out the VinPit decoding website. It’s an innovative platform that will aid in decoding VINs from cars, RVs, motorbikes, and more.

There is no difficulty in navigating the website since everything is self-explanatory. All you need is to load it, enter the VIN in the input space provided, and hit the ‘Start Search’ button. It will take less than a minute to retrieve the correct information.

VinPit relies on an extensive database to give you the information you need. It applies to 50 states in the US, and the data comes from insurance companies, car dealerships, the DMV, and other reputable sources.   

It’s also free of charge, in addition to no need for signup or filling in survey questions. Once you use VinPit to decode the VIN in question, it will show you the following:

  • The car’s manufacturer details
  • The model and transmission
  • The country of origin and assembly plant details
  • Whether the VIN is fake or not
  • Theft, criminal history, and accident reports
  • Insurance and warranty information
  • The current market value
  • Mileage
  • Etc.

To know more about what VinPit will show you after decoding, visit the website for more information.

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to use this website for the decoding exercise. They involve the following:

No Hassle While Decoding

First, you only need an internet connection to access the website. Next, you only need to input the VIN characters, and that’s it. There is no requirement to sign up or fill in some questions before getting the report.

Since you also don’t pay anything, the whole process becomes smooth. That’s why it’s possible to use the website to decode in less than a minute.

Safe to Use

There are no viruses introduced to your device because of using VinPit. It also does not require any app downloading, which means the risk of getting attacks is truly minimized. The team behind this service is also experienced in cybersecurity matters.

Detailed Reports

From the list above, it’s clear that VinPit will deliver more than what you require. That’s great, especially if you are dealing with a seller who does not disclose everything.

More detailed reports include the ability to download what you have retrieved.

More Features

VinPit does more than just decoding VINs. For the decoding, you can do it in general or select a specific model. Whether you are dealing with a Ford, Nissan, Chevy, or Mustang, Vinpit has it all.

It also performs license plate lookups. Therefore, there is more when you view and use the website to know more about your car or the one you intend to buy.

Customer Support

If you have any trouble using the site or would like to enquire about something, the customer support here is available 24/7. They welcome all the suggestions, questions, criticism, and recommendations.


Another website that will decode for you for free is EpicVIN. Once you feed the VIN, it will get you details such as the make, model, year of manufacture, and body type. That is why car buyers and dealers also use it heavily.

The information provided is precise, and it will also include the history of the vehicle. EpicVIN relies on NMVTIS, among other major data sources, to deliver reliable information.


If you want to know more about a car, this is another website at your disposal. CarVertical is ever-growing, and it always makes use of modern technology to retrieve information. Feeding the VIN on the website will show you the car’s title records, damages, mileage info, crime reports, and market value.

There is more to that when you use this website to decode the VIN. You may wonder where CarVertical gets the information. Apart from the major data sources, it’s also blockchain-based. That way, you can get information even from other parts of the world.


Cebia is also a web-based VIN decoder that car dealers and buyers also utilize. It’s an excellent site for you if you need to know more about the price range of a used car, among other details. More to that will include the information on the vehicle, from the model to mileage.

Cebia relies on a database of 1 billion motors, and the reports come to you quickly after feeding it the VIN details. The decoding includes certifying the information you get, which gives more assurance to the buyers and sellers.


VinAudit will get the history reports about the unknown VIN, and just like the above examples, all you need is the VIN and an internet connection. You will get the insurance records, title info, body type, transmission, and the car’s current market value in the details.

The car dealers mainly use this site since it offers affordable packages. If your dealer is using this platform, you can get a report about your car for free.


CarFax has an extensive database, too, which comprises more than 22 billion car records. So, using it to decode means you will always get some information about the car. There is ample information here but note that it’s for cars made after 1981 when the 17-digit VIN standard was introduced.

Most of the records are for cars in the US and Canada. Since it depends on reported issues to give you the reports, you may not rely on the data too much. That also tells you that individuals and dealers can tamper with the information.


This is another VIN decoding website that is also competitive to keep up with the current trend. The information you get after feeding the VIN comes from NMVTIS, financial institutions, state agencies, and other valuable sources.

After decoding, ClearVin will show you the past owners, insurance details, lien and repossession, and the car details. If there are any recalls or criminal records associated with the car, you will also know about it.


Lastly, we have the Bumper website, which can also help you check the VINs. It gets information from state-level departments and other places like towing agencies, insurance companies, and salvage auctions.

The decoded information will have the safety recalls, market value, accident history, title details, ownership, etc. The data is continually updated from new vehicle entries and what consumers report about vehicles.


With the top eight free VIN decoding websites, you can use more than one here to verify a VIN. Start with VinPit if you are in a hurry. It gives you detailed reports in a few seconds. If you want to see if it’s correct, the other examples on the list will help with that.

Now, don’t buy a used car without decoding the VIN using the recommendations above.

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