Top 8 Tools for Website Performance Testing in 2020

Performance testing tools are a way to check your website’s speed, functionality and load. It is essential to keep your website running smoothly for which you need the help of some external tools to understand what is going on with your website’s statistics. 

Performance testing tools are a way to make sure your website never lags, crashes, or has any outbursts due to heavy load. It checks the speed of your website and keeps up with your website’s performance to help you understand what exactly is needed to make sure it runs efficiently.

There are many performance testing tools available in the market. However, with technology evolving every day, we need to keep ourselves updated with the latest tools. Here are some of the best tools available in the market now:


WebLOAD testing tool is easy to use. You don’t have to be very knowledgeable about website handling to understand WebLOAD. Many websites trust this tool because it is flexible and does not confine itself; instead, it makes the user comfortable and makes sure the user understands their website thoroughly.

This tool is essential because it makes you understand your website’s analytical parts in a much efficient way. It gives you an idea of the analysis that it makes and allows you to understand the loopholes in your website further. Knowing your loopholes makes it easier for you to understand your website better. Thus, you won’t repeat the mistakes ever again.

LoadUI Pro

You can create your tests and know where you are going right or wrong with the help of this tool. This tool is known for its sophistication and makes sure you take part in the analysis. The tool gives you an upper hand in the approach and assists in your decision making because nobody knows your website better than you. It helps you analyze and build, rather than taking the lead on its own. With just some clicks, it helps you run efficient analysis tests and analytical functions for your website.


This performance testing tool is known for the fast results it provides. It runs at a much slower rate than the other testing tools. This tool lets you analyze performance problems instantly. More so, its accuracy is also mind-blowing. Many engineers trust this tool more because it helps them focus on creating applications that don’t rely on testing scripts. You can also host easily on the cloud and you don’t need any server machine.

Micro Focus LoadRunner

This tool understands how much load the website is carrying. This tool can handle many users at the same time. In some instances, it can manage even up to a thousand users at the same time. This tool allows the owner of the website to understand the website infrastructure well. Micro Focus LoadRunner is one of the most trusted website performance testing tools available.


A tool that works well for both websites and web applications, LoadComplete runs by keeping into account the user interactions of a particular website. It helps test the servers and understand the load capacity of the same. LoadComplete is also very important in understanding the infrastructure of the website or web application that it is analyzing.


This performance testing tool is mainly used for web servers that start with ‘https’. This tool counts explicitly the number of engagements the server has had. This is used to know how many responses the website gains every day. It also provides an insight into what to do to increase its count. Httperf is a very trustable performance testing tool and you can also analyze the rate at which any response has been sent on the server. This is an HP product and is very popular worldwide.


Apica is one performance testing tool that helps you rectify the loopholes in your website. Apica is a very flexible performance testing tool and gives full testing services where the user decides on the tests. More so, it mostly focuses on the scalability of the website and provides feedback to help the website go higher on the scale.

Testing Anywhere

As the name suggests, this performance testing tool is used to test any application and the best thing is it does it automatically. You don’t need to put any manual lover for it to work smoothly. More so, this is one of the most potent performance testing tools ever built. It also has an editor that allows you to make changes in the software testing process according to your criteria and regulations; therefore, giving you full freedom to use the tool as you want to.

These performance testing tools not only help the websites and web applications to run smoothly but also allow the users and owner to understand their websites better. For better testing, these tools are the best.

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