Top Apps To Use In 2022

Every day, thousands of new apps are added daily to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Get the most recent apps for your tablet or smartphone.

The following list contains a selection of updated apps that can transform almost any device, iOS or Android, for those who are familiar with the essential apps such as Evernote, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Maps.

These are the top apps that you should consider downloading and making use of in 2018.


Vutlharhi Vailoyi founded the startup in 2013 and it was launched in the market in 2016. Zulzi allows customers direct access to the entire range of grocery products through the platform. After Zulzi’s platform launched in the same year, Netshipise was also involved as a cofounder.

Johannesburg-based on-demand grocery delivery startup Zulzi raised R30m from JSE-listed firm. Customers can create a grocery list online and then purchase the items in-store. The delivery providers will pick up the item from the store and transfer the customer’s shopping experience.

Zulzi started as an e-commerce platform for students. However, due to strong demand and rising prices, Zulzi expanded its services to all customers. Customers can order groceries online and have them delivered to their doors in under an hour.

The grocery delivery company has had great success in South Africa and plans to expand its service beyond Johannesburg. It is currently planning to launch its business at Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. The South African on-demand grocery platform has raised US$1.6million in funding. It processes more than 2000 orders per day and looks forward to expanding its offerings in the future.


OneCart, a Cape Town-based online delivery platform, provides excellent service in South Africa. Customers can shop from a variety of stores to get the items they need delivered right at their doorsteps. OneCart lets customers shop online for groceries, pharmacies, baby products and liquor. Lynton Peters created the platform to offer better service and convenience for platform users.

OneCart was one of 12 companies to be part of Knife Capital’s fourth cohort of Grindstone Accelerator. OneCart also announced it had closed a funding round, receiving an investment of less than R10 million. The platform allows users to set their location and browse the various products available before they purchase any.

Private Property and Property 24

These applications provide daily updates of property listings for sale and rent, as well as information about commercial property investing across the country. These sites offer a wealth of information and advice, from helping you find an agent or attorney to finding the On Show homes for the weekend. Engel & Volkers is another option, which allows you to view properties from all over the globe in one place.


Bite is a food and restaurant review app that makes it easy to pick the best restaurants and places to eat. Bite is not about endlessly scrolling through bland menus or reading unhelpful reviews. Instead, Bite focuses its attention on providing high-quality imagery as well as information that really matters.

Bite users can share their experiences with bite dishes by using the appropriate review options. These reviews focus on rating quality, cost, and taste. The best thing about Bite is that it doesn’t have a lot of clutter, which makes it easy to find great recipes and contribute to the community.

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