Top Memorisation Tips By Home Tutors in Singapore

Every school student in Singapore has to pass nation exams (N-Levels, PSLE, A-Levels, O-Levels) annually. And this result denotes their academic success and various future pathways. But for a few years, the exam syllabus became more difficult.

If you are a student and seeking home tuition in Singapore, you can trust us! Here in this article, we are going to mention the best-proven memorisation advice by home tutors

Important Tips For Improving Memorization

1. Write Notes Personally

Many experts and tutors said that making your own notes boosts memory. To achieve the aim of effective memorization, one must read and write by themselves. There are more chances of learning well when you recite. For example, if you heard a song, and utter it repeatedly, it will be easier to learn a song.

When you are making notes, use various coloured pens. You can select a pen for writing questions, another colour for writing answers, and a third colour for marking important sentences or points. If you do so, it will help in remembering important things fast.

2. Sleep Well

It might sound strange, but a good nap after learning something can improve your memory

According to research studies, people who slept 8 hours after learning were able to remember things as compared to people who didn’t sleep.

In two research datasets analyses, psychologist Nicolas Dumay discovers something new. He said that sleep helps to protect the brain from forgetting things and in retrieving memories better. 

It happens because sleep resets our mind. So when you sleep after learning a new thing, the neurons of your brain connect and perform more electrical activity. It allows saving the new memory. 

Your every nap counts! Funny is it? Not at all! Do you know, according to researchers, a 45 minutes to 60 minutes nap after studying could raise your memory by 500%.

3. Exercise

For increasing learning capacity, sleep is not enough for students, and they need to do exercise too. Do you know our brain depends on oxygen for proper functioning?

Our brains rely on oxygen to function properly. Humans need a healthy flow of oxygen-rich blood to their brains. Many home tutors and educational experts have suggested that exercise plays an important role in learning and remembering.

The National Institute on Ageing’s researchers found that aerobic exercises help in improving memory. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain that leads to a good memory.

Running triggers the top level of a protein known as cathepsin B. It travels through the brain to trigger neuron growth. Furthermore, it makes new connections in the hippocampus; it’s a place known as critical for memory). 

Hold on! Don’t rush for exercise. Delaying exercise is very effective than an immediate workout. However, our brains require time to store new data before any brain-improving exercise.

Start aerobics after 4 hours of studying; it will boost your memory. It improves your associative memory.

4. Teaching A Friend

You can be the teacher of your kid, but a student needs special activities. For making them revise, you can ask your kid to teach their friend or sibling the concepts. Teaching someone else improves your memory in a different way. 

It’s a proven fact by many home tutors when students teach their friends or siblings. Well, it helps in memory recall. 

Making someone understand leads to exploring a distinctive approach to learning a certain concept or topic you have retained.

5. Hire A Home Tutor

Mostly when parents don’t get time to teach their kids, they search for tutors. Usually, tutors help kids in setting their minds and make them learn better. So, it’s a good choice to rely on home tuition for your kid. 

They formulate strategies and memorization techniques for helping students. Furthermore, the home tuition in Singapore helps students in teaching, creating notes, conducting activities, helps refreshing memory and other aspects. 


So, are you ready to recall your child’s memory with the following tips? If you don’t have enough time to follow the checklist mentioned above, then you can rely on private Math, English, Social Science, or Physics tuition for your kid. 

In conclusion, we recommend choosing the best home tuition in Singapore for improving students’ memory. 

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