Top myths and the fact about the critical illness insurance

Are there any myths and facts created on critical illness insurance? Critical illnesses are referred to as those which are life-threatening diseases, and that need extensive medical care and treatments. Such medical treatments are costly. That is why the need to buy a critical illness insurance policy comes. 

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top myths and facts about critical illness insurance coverage. If you want to learn about myths and facts, read the following points and understand them properly. 

Myths and facts about critical illness insurance cover

This section contains the top myths and the facts that are created for the critical illness insurance plans. The brief details on every tale and point are given below. Let us make look at such myths with their issues. 

Myth 1: It covers all types of illness

Many people believe that if they buy the critical illness insurance plan, then all type of illness and their treatment expenses are covered under it. 

Fact: It covers the particular illness only

The truth is that the critical illness insurance plan covers the particular disease. If you face the problem from the listed crucial illness in plan benefits, then you can claim the policy amount for handling the treatment expenses. 

Myth 2: claim the amount immediately on diagnosis

Many people believe that they immediately get the claim amount under the critical illness insurance plan once their illness is detected. 

Fact: Claim the amount after the stipulated period

There is no survival period under the critical illness insurance plan. The period to claim the insurance coverage ranges from 30 to 90 days. The claim is then paid to the policyholder after the diagnosis is over.

Myth 3: if you have health insurance, then you do not need a critical illness insurance plan

Many people believe they can deal with medical treatment or other financial expenses if they have standard health insurance. They think that health insurance is enough for them under all conditions. 

Fact: There is a need for a critical illness insurance plan. Even having health insurance.

Health insurance plans often give coverage for the treatments that are associated with a critical illness. Such treatments are expensive, but health insurance plans do not provide the optimal coverage benefits. 

But if you have the critical illness insurance cover, it provides the lump sum benefits you can use at your end. So, we can say that having necessary illness insurance is essential, even if you have your health insurance plan. 


This article is entirely based on the myths and facts about the coverage of critical illness insurance. It is concluded that the necessary illness insurance policy is a requirement for every hour of human beings because no one has the idea that when critical illness and unexpected medical conditions have come. 

It is worth investing in the critical illness insurance plan, whether you buy it for yourself or your entire family.

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