Top Places to Visit as a Couple This Christmas

The most excellent Christmas gift you can receive at this time of year is love from someone you care about. It is that time when love is special when we put up the Christmas tree, listen and sing Christmas carols, decorate windows, doors and walls with bells, candles, angels or any Christmas figurine, light the candles and the lights, enjoy and explore new places with our loved ones.

Do you want to feel like you’re in a Christmas movie? These are the best places to travel as a couple and enjoy the Christmas season with sprinkles of love.

London – United Kingdom

“Love Actually” is undoubtedly one of the most heartbreaking Christmas movies ever made, and it is one of the most-watched on Netflix. It’s the perfect romantic comedy for these types of outings. Several filming locations for this film may be found in and around London. Examples include the area of St. Lukes Mews in Notting Hill, Grosvenor Chapel in the borough of Mayfair, and of course, the Selfridges department store on Oxford Street. You’re going to be overjoyed! If your flight arrives precisely on Christmas, don’t worry about getting stuck at the airport, because many airport transfers will help you get to the city centre quickly and enjoy a Christmas date as in a perfect romantic movie.

Copenhagen – Denmark

Put on your skates and head to Frederiksberg Runddel, a residents’ favourite ice rink, for an ice skating date. Enjoy Julefrokost, and if you’re wondering what to do on Christmas Day as a couple, why not stop by one of the Christmas markets and have smorrebrod (sausage sandwiches). Check out the brightly painted houses, and sip hot glogg around a campfire in Nyhavn at night. In any case, Copenhagen is one of the cosiest places to spend the holidays!

Helsinki – Finland

Christmas is a beautiful time to indulge in Helsinki and enjoy the luxury of a white Christmas city break, hopefully from the beginning of the season to the end of the snowy Finnish winter. What to do on Christmas Day is a difficult question. Take in the festive lighting along Aleksanterinkatu, which serves as the city’s official Christmas street. A traditional Glögi or an ice skate at The Ice Park, located on the train station plaza, are recommended.

Reykjavik – Iceland

When it comes to Christmas vacations, Iceland and specifically Reykjavik are among the most incredible destinations for couples and one of the top Christmas city breaks. Get the full Northern Lights to experience in Reykjavik on a cruise or at the Aurora Northern Lights Centre, or for something different to do on Christmas Day, put on your masks, brave the cold, and search for the 13 Santa Claus holograms hidden in buildings and windows on a romantic stroll through downtown Reykjavik with your significant other or friend.

Paris – France

In Paris, you can’t help but frown since the architecture here is some of the most charming in all of Europe. So begin your love tale with the city of love throughout the holiday season. Suppose you’re planning a Christmas city holiday. In that case, the markets are open, the Eiffel Tower is shining brighter than ever, and the Seine only awaits a romantic riverboat to complete the experience.

Prague – Czech Republic

Consider the following scenario: you and your lover are walking across Charles Bridge together, holding hands. A layer of snow is collecting on the statues that decorate it, and you can see the lights of the Old Town in the distance. After passing through the main gate, you will find yourself on a cobblestone street leading to the old castle. Historic buildings, modest craft shops and Christmas markets, cafes, and restaurants are only some attractions. Places that are inviting and lure you in. Prague serves as the most romantic capital in Europe throughout the year, but it is incredibly romantic during the Christmas season.

Cancun – Mexico

Are you looking for the sun? Look no farther than Cancun, which is one of the most popular Christmas vacation locations for couples. If you’re looking for a traditional Christmas dinner, visit Casa Rolandi Restaurant, which offers white sand beaches, zip line adventures through the jungle, and no chance of snow during the holiday season. Cancun is not a particularly large city, but it offers plenty of sunshine for vacationers looking for a sunny destination for Christmas vacations.

Rovaniemi – Lapland, Finland

Traveling to Rovaniemi for Christmas is more than simply an adventure that involves crossing the Arctic Circle. It is also a cultural experience. It is a journey into the realms of illusion and fantasy. Traveling to another beautiful destination with your family is a must. Even though Santa Claus has a great deal more work than most people realize and may be seen in his village every day of the year, the truth is that meeting him during these dates adds a special bonus to the trip to the North Pole.

Take advantage of the opportunity to ride in a sleigh drawn by reindeer, learn about the area’s customs, and, of course, leave a message of wishes for Santa Claus. If you have done everything he has asked of you, he will very certainly grant you all of your requests.

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