Top Residential Internet Providers in the US

The internet offers an endless supply of knowledge, information, and entertainment. Just like water and electricity, the internet has also become an important utility in the American household. However, due to numerous companies offering their services in the market, finding the most adequate internet provider for your home has become quite a daunting task. Being a customer, you need to consider several factors such as speed, cost, reliability, availability, and type of connection. Therefore, to help you save time and effort, in this article, we will enlighten you about the best internet providing companies in the US.


According to US News, Xfinity is regarded as the top internet provider in America. It provides unlimited data and advanced security with its premium packages. The most important factor would be its sufficient speed to not disrupt daily use and latest internet equipment technology. The starting price is lower than other companies making it more reliable. Being a big name in the telecommunications industry, Xfinity is broadly available in 39 states with the greatest coverage in California, Florida, and Illinois. This company focuses on a wide range of facilities such as business services, data transit, and residential internet services.


Verizon internet is viewed as the second-best mobile broadband provider after Xfinity. It offers service across all America, accessible to an estimated 305 million people. Verizon has a range of promotions, which makes it easier for users to find a suitable deal at almost any time of the year. Verizon is fiber internet due to which it is faster than other internet providers making customers less frustrated and more satisfied. Verizon offers a separate low-income internet for low-income families. Customers who qualify for the low-income program receive discounts as long as they remain eligible. Many customers gave positive reviews about this program stating that they were capable of managing financial challenges. Customers enjoyed a better experience for video streaming, downloading, and uploading content with Verizon internet.

Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum is the second-largest residential cable provider in the US with the widest coverage in California, New York, and Texas. The company is known for offering high-end internet services with unlimited data, a complete security suite, and free access to nationwide hotspots, at a starting price of $49.99 per month. The two features that separate Spectrum from the rest of the providers in the market is its easy-to-understand pricing system and consistency in all service areas. The company provides three interesting internet plans with cable TV including Spectrum Select, Spectrum Silver, and Spectrum Gold Package. If you are looking to get premium services, go for the Gold Package, which comes with 940 Mbps of internet speeds, access to more than 200 cable TV channels, unlimited talk time, a DVR facility, and unlimited data to keep you connected to the web at all times.


AT & T is one of the best internet service providers in 2021. It offers unlimited data, which makes it suitable for downloading large data files, streaming on several devices, and sharing pictures and videos, and casual online gaming. This company is mainly available in the south and central states, including large areas like California and Texas. It includes a professional-grade firewall to defend the network against internet attacks. It also supports VPN allowing users to sign in securely while working from home. AT&T offers affordable plans, providing high-speed internet for low-income families as well.

Cox Communications

This is another widely known Internet provider in America. It offers home services across 19 states including California, Ohio, and Virginia. Since coaxial networks are prevalent, this internet provides high bandwidth and download speed allowing several devices to stream all at once without buffering. Cox internet offers free installations along with an easy connect kit that could be used at any time. In 2018, Cox was held number 2 on Netflix’s ISP leaderboards due to its stability in high speed. If you are an avid gamer or a work-from-home person this internet would be the finest option.

Frontier Communications

Frontier offers internet services in rural and suburban markets with coverage in California, Connecticut, and Florida. The biggest advantage of Frontier Internet is that it allows customers to have full control, which means that they can cancel their subscription at any time without worrying about paying overage fees. This is a very economical internet provider; customers do not have to worry about fluctuating bill prices since Frontier saves money by locking service price for up to two years.

RCN Corporation

RCN internet is a large telecommunication company providing broadband services in mostly northeastern areas like New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. When compared to other major providers, RCN has received strong reviews about its customer care and support. The company has divided customer care into three different categories: general support, technical support, and billing. Customers could save valuable time by contacting the department directly. The company also provides live chat for its existing clients.

These are some of the top-known internet providers in the US. Make sure to check the availability of the provider in your area before comparing their plans. To narrow down your options quickly, use your area’s zip code and street address to locate all the viable providers offering their services in your region.

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