Touch to unlock chapter 104: A Brief Story

We all love to read comic stories. Because we also used to read and listen to stories. In our childhood, our granny tells us stories. Touch to unlock chapter 104 is part of a comic story. This part is quite an emotion. Before jumping to chapter 104, we have to understand the story of Lin and Hong. Life changes frequently, but feelings and motion remain the same. Once w fall in love with someone, it’s become toughest for us to leave the same we will feel in this comic story.

Value of comics:

Comic stories like touch to unlock are chapter vise. So we can’t say it is just a love story here is the story of different feelings and situations. I am also reading these comics since the first chapter. Comic stories teach us people’s experiences, and we also become able to face simple problems with these kinds of stories. These stories also have positive energies that can change people bring new hope to people. It also encourages us to have positive and remove negative energies.

Touch to unlock chapter 104:

In this chapter, Lin meets his love, and they plan a date. He was excited to see her because he loved her and considered her his positive energy. They were sitting around the table, and first, they did formal talk. He was happy to see them and had no idea why she asked her to meet. He thought we had a formal date, but he won’t know what he would listen to because he had no idea, but this date was going in a new and painful way. He was looking at her and wanted to hear from her, something that gave happiness to him. Suddenly she breaks the ice, and what happens in touch to unlock chapter 104This was the point that would change the way and bring a new turning point to the story.

The turning point of the story:

He tells her that he will join the military, and it is not surprising because he has a dream. She said she was pretty confused and not feeling the same. She has no feelings for him.

He : what do you mean not feeling the same?

She: I am talking about us?

He: Okay, do it clear

She: I want to break up

He : what break up?

What are you saying? Break up how you can say it easily. What happens? Why do you want to break up with me?

She: I am not feeling the same in fact, I don’t like you. I am not feeling the same. And may not love him in the same way. She told him that she was going to abroad studies.

He: for studies?

She: yes, I am going to study abroad. And I think we don’t drag this relationship more. She also told him that she would travel two times in year aboard and you can’t face expenses.

Question on Lin’s financial condition:

Lin is not a rich boy. He has a dream to join the military, and he also loves Hong very much. In touch to unlock, chapter 104 is also the reflection hoe girls think and what they want. The old saying is that love is blind, but now I think love is blind only for those who love with heart. But girls do love with brains. She asks him about his financial condition. She said I like the man who has a car and things expensive. You will live with your favorite person. When you pass out, you will see a freshman. You will understand the reality.

Emotion answers of Lin:

He asks her if she will be able to afford all the expenses after graduation?. Give me a chance. I will sort out everything. I will do hard for you. But don’t do break up. I need you. She said how much I would wait for you? How long? This is the time to clear it. It’s useless to carry out this, and you have to be able and will have to be responsible to date me. I can ignore everything, but I can’t ignore reality. I want a man who has everything like cars and an expensive house.


Both are quite upset. She was repeating again and again that we were doing a breakup. Then Lin asks her to keep quiet because it’s cruel to me. I want to do it by heart and ask for a chance. She replied that she was going to study abroad. And we will be away from each other for a long time, and we can’t be able to meet each other. So I think we have to stay apart before I go. So I don’t want to drag out this relationship long, so we have to separate with smiles. Lin was too upset because he was not preparing for this.

Hong studies:

Hong wants to study abroad and want to go there. She wants to break up with Lin. She was doing this because she didn’t want to carry on this relationship. So touch to unlock chapter 104 is a lesson that everything is temporary and never least ever. Sometimes we are not selfish, but the situation is. She becomes selfish and wants to focus on her studies, but she can’t think about Lin. It may be she doesn’t like him. So she wants to break up. There are two options:

  1. Is she want to focus on her studies?
  2. Is she not satisfied with Lin’s financial position because she likes a man who has a car?

Both are important questions about why she doesn’t change her decision. And if she ever loved him from the heart, how she can change feelings. So we see what happens next.

Final, they apart:

After a few times, they talk and finally decide to go apart. Lin still has hope, but he also realizes that she wants a car and other things he may not afford. So finally, he decides to go apart, and they go from there. Both were upset, but Lin thought that money snatched his love, and they were feeling for each other. It was a hard time, and both had to face but as Hong said, she didn’t feel the same, so it was pretty easy for him. But Lin is still thinking about them and wants her back. But he also knows his position, and now he doesn’t want to force her and let her go.

Hong with her mother:

After this date, she goes to her home and meets her mother. In touch to unlock chapter 104, Hong knocked at the door. 

Mother: Hong, you there?

Hong: yes, Hong

Now she said that she is going to study. When she that its fee and hostel is too expensive she becomes upset. She told her mom about this.

Mother: so I told you at the start when you got a good grade at school. We can’t afford this expensive study. She knows that she cannot go because her home does not have enough sources to send her abroad for studies.

Hong wants to go abroad and become financially strong. So due to a lack of funds, she has to drop her dream. Now she becomes upset and shares with her home that she has broken.

Mother: Hong, what happens?

Hong: I broke up with Lin

Mother: why

Hong: I thought I was going abroad and when we would live away from each other, so I broke up with him. Due to this reason, I have finished our relationship.

Touch to unlock chapter 104 has become more interesting now. Will she patch him again or not? There are many questions. So if you are in a relationship with a heart, distance doesn’t matter at all.

Loss of Hong:

As we read in this chapter that she lost both her love and dream to go abroad. So she clears him that she liked men who have a car and did not feel the same for him. Even though she looks at him, she doesn’t feel any feelings for him and does not feel the same. Now she can’t go back to him, but maybe Lin will try to catch her.

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Touch to unlock chapter 104 also have a lesson for us. We can find out everything in this busy life, but it isn’t easy to find a person. Who loves you with heart, cares for you, and gives you respect. But Hong lost the person trying to save the relationship even at the last point. But Lin thinks that she will go and both will not meet each other regularly just due to this, she breaks up with him. But if you love someone purely, you can also feel him near you.

 Distance is not a barrier for hearts that are full of love. She made decisions without thinking and lost everything. So we should always make decisions after considering and never judge a person with money. She refuses a person who loves him because she likes a man who has a car. So we have discussed the whole touch to unlock chapter 104. Now see what is in the next chapter.

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