Types of 3D Technology Available in 2022

Are you a person or business looking into the 3D printing process? Whether for a project or expanding your services, 3D modeling can be a great tool.

Did you know that the global 3D market size has a value of 13.84 billion USD in 2021? The 3D printing market is also expected to grow at least 20.8% from 2022 to 2030. With these numbers, there are many types of 3D technology to take advantage of.

Wondering which type of 3D printing fits your needs? Read on to discover more!

Types of 3D Technology Printing

Many people associate 3D printing with traditional paper printing. However, 3D printing has more steps than printing text on a regular piece of paper. There are many tools and knowledge needed to begin 3D printing, as listed down below.

3D Scanners

If you’re looking into 3D printing for your next modeling project, you should first buy a 3D scanner. Unlike normal non-3D printers, some 3D printers need 3D scanners to work faster. While you can model your 3D object using a rendering app, having a solid object to scan will save you time and energy.

Handheld 3D Scanner

If you are working on a small project, consider investing in a handheld 3D scanner. One of the newest and most high-tech handheld 3D scanners available on the market today is the EinScan HX. The EinScan HX is a hybrid 3D scanner that uses a blue laser and LED light source.

Their patented SHINING 3D integrates blue LED technology and blue laser. This is the next evolutionary stem in industrial 3D scanners. The EinScan HX can pack all these advances in one compact design.

The SHINING 3D improves 3D scanning materials with increased adaptability. Increased adaptability also decreases limitations, creating more application possibilities. The LED integrated scanning allows rapid 3D scanning.

This integration gives it better performance on reflective or dark color surfaces. This new integrated technology is compatible with a wider range of objects. The EinScan HX is ideal for projects in automotive, shipbuilding, research, and more.

Not sure if 3D Printing is right for you? Consider renting 3D Scanners or buying used 3D scanners. Go3DPro offers a wide range of #D scanners you can rent or buy at a lower cost!

Snapmaker 2.0 Modular 3-in-1 3D Printers

If you’re looking for an all-around 3D printer, choose one that you can rely on. This means your 3D printer can handle a wide variety of materials like PLA, NylonX, and more. If you want full creative potential, then choose the Snapmaker 3D printers.

The Snapmaker 3D printers offer a variety of 3D printers that will fit any of your needs. Each model comes with different 3D printing abilities, such as laser cutting. They also come with different build volumes to suit your cutting and carving needs.

Get Your Hands on the Best Types of 3D Technology Today

Who knew that there was so much more to 3D printing? From the 3D printing process to 3D printers, there are a lot of different 3D technologies. Now you know all there is to know about types of 3D printing technologies.

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