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Ultimate Guidance to Content Marketing Courses in 2021

In this digital marketing era, if you want to use content marketing to attract and gain your audience, you need to know your stiff. It is the best marketing technique for you if you don’t have enough budget for increasing your brand exposure and acquiring traffic that converts.

So learn some of the best content marketing course to grow

Skillshare (become a creative blogger):

This content marketing course is an online learning platform as it teaches you how to regularly create quality content by capitalizing on digital marketing trends.

While taking this course, you will learn how to develop a content strategy for your blog that makes you different from your competitors.

HubSpot (Content Marketing Certificate Course):

If you are seeking to become a certified content marketer, you may need this course.

It shows you to create a scalable content marketing strategy for your business that helps you to turn your visitors into customers and leads.

This course guides you in a detailed explanation of every aspect of content marketing, including content planning, promotion, repurpose, creation, and analytics. Along with learning, you can determine your skillset by taking an exam that contains 60 questions.

Udemy (SEO Training):

Content marketing and search engine optimization work closely. Content marketing is a technique of creating and distributing high-quality content to obtain leads, whereas SEO ensures that your content is more accessible to the ideal audience that enables you to generate leads.

To become a master content marketer, you need to understand SEO.

The easiest way to learn SEO is to enroll in an SEO course on Udemy by Eric Schwartzman. The course is completely free for those who want to learn content marketing and the basics of SEO.

Quick Sprout University

Quick Sprout offers an extensive library of videos where you can learn every aspect of online marketing, including content marketing and SEO. This course is perfect for beginners and intermediate level.

The prime feature of this course is to walk you through the recommended practices in content marketing, that can be implemented right into your content strategy to attract more leads and convert them into customers. For enrolling simply submit your email address.

By entering this course you will learn techniques to brainstorm potential content ideas, repurpose the content, and create compelling content to acquire customers and leads.

Ahref’s blogging for Business

Ahref provides you 10 free tutorials that teach you how to grow your blog beyond 100,000 monthly visitors and convert them into paying customers. Tutorials include compound effects of content marketing, how to analyze the traffic potential, creating content ideas and how to optimize articles. The course can be accessed on Ahref’s website as video series.


If you have a library card, you can access a plethora of materials on This is a platform supported by LinkedIn that provides various courses on a variety of topics, that includes design, software development, and web development.

Lynda’s content marketing course includes content marketing for social media, how to improve SEO for your website, and content marketing foundations, and so on.

Useful tips for content marketer

The role of content marketing in a customer’s journey and social media platforms today

  • How content is used to develop credibility, trust, and understanding the customer’s requirements
  • How to profile a customer base to form customer groups
  • How to profile a customer group to identify the style of content they will respond to
  • The types of content that can be produced and distributed around social media platforms
  • The best practice for content marketing across each social platform is Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

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