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Uses and Benefits of Zenadrone Technology in the Construction Industry

The construction industry has significantly modernized the world. Today, tall buildings compete with each other’s aesthetics. Roads are winding, crossing, and some are even submerging in tunnels. 

Hence, there is an increasing need for highly perilous repair and maintenance jobs to keep modern infrastructures in their prime condition. Instead of sending people to climb and inspect high-rise buildings, drone technology has revolutionized the assessment, monitoring, rehabilitation, and maintenance of skyscrapers, roads, and other modern constructions. 

Zenadrone Technology for Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance of Construction Projects

Zenadrone 1000 is an unmanned aerial vehicle technology that provides the construction industry with accurate details of the construction site, terrain, mapping, and vegetation surrounding the site, including materials, machinery, and people present in the location. This technology uses a specialized controller that communicate with the drone via network communication signals and a patent-pending charging pad that allows fast recharging of the batteries.

Using Zenadrone technology can help the construction team get a faster and more accurate result in monitoring and site inspections. 

More on that, here are some of the benefits of using a Zenadrone in construction work.

5 Advantages of Using Zenadrone 1000 in the Construction Industry

#1: Ability to safely inspect hard to reach towers and buildings

The Zenadrone 1000 is an effective way to monitor and inspect towering buildings. It ensures the safety of the workers while providing clear and real-time data of the objects inspected. It also allows easy access to locations that are inaccessible by cranes.

The use of drones reduces human and heavy equipment to get to the top. Thus, safe inspection of towering buildings is attainable. In addition to that, this capability mitigates risks and hazards, thus, protecting the budget from unnecessary expenses.

#2: Accurate and efficient surveillance flow

Supervising a construction site can be complicated. The worksite can be immense and comprehensive. There are frequent work changes and there are always constant moving parts. Thus, gathering accurate and efficient surveillance onsite can be challenging for human surveyors.

Zenadrone 1000 helps the construction workers provide vivid video footage and real-time images. At the same time, it can also continually gather information compared to a manual inspector. And allows the contractors to digitally track the site’s progress instead of costly inspection equipment.

Meanwhile, the gathered data can show the project’s development while highlighting aspects behind schedule. Thus, the project leader can use the information to observe work efficiency and distinguish the resources that need to work more effectively.

#3: Provide more accurate mapping and surveying

The traditional mapping method takes time and requires human labor, but the process can be faster and more accurate. Drones for construction can do site surveillance, capturing aerial details with downward-facing sensors like RGB infrared or multispectral cameras and LiDAR or Light Detection and 3D mapping software. 

It allows the contractors to perform topographic surveys of the same quality as those exact measurements collected by human surveyors. Also, drone use can save time and reduce the cost of site surveys and workloads for specialists.

#4: Improve communication in worksite maintenance

Communication is crucial in the construction industry. Work involves different types of contractors that come in and out, changes in site condition, weather change, the sheer size of the worksite, and more. Thus, keeping an eye on the big picture is not simple.

Zenadrone‚Äôs can show an aerial view that can help the construction team to have a different and valuable perspective. The project manager can check the site issues like potential blocked drainage problems, the surface area that needs to renovate, or any threats to health and safety. 

These can be possible with a high-resolution drone map that will serve as a visual presentation to improve the project performance while keeping the cost and schedule on time.

#5: Efficient project development monitoring

As some buildings need to be re-designed or renovated, drones for architecture are tools to help in surveying. They are compact and easy to pilot and can access difficult-to-reach areas. The drone’s photograph helps the architect and the client visualize how the structure will look.

The images and videos captured by the Zenadrone 1000 will help architects to create and design accurate plans. These drones for architecture also enable the architects to save time as mapping projects through it is possible in a fraction of time. They will not need to hire surveyors for a topographic survey.

More Benefits of the Zenadrone Technology

Drone technology has become an essential tool for big construction projects in this modern era. The usage of it in the construction industry continues to prosper. Besides its benefits, read on why construction teams need to invest in these business drones for their workload.

Cost-cutting for mapping

Mapping is essential for a construction project, but it takes time and resources. Investing in Zenadrone 1000 helps construction companies save surveying costs as it will assist human surveyors in topographic mapping. 

The construction companies with large area projects will not need to spend days and weeks with ground-based instruments or even rent a helicopter to take an aerial shot of the site from above. With that, 3D mapping can be possible in just a day and without compromising the safety of the workers. 

Downsizing budget for contractors

Since contractors’ cost depends per project, the ability to accurately measure proof to reconcile contractors’ estimates can save the pocket. The drone data can be the impartial information to negotiate the assessments and payments instead of relying on the subcontractors’ measurement. 

Sometimes, contractors also miscalculate the longevity of the project. Also, having precise estimation avoids postponing and penalty on the project.

Prevention on costing for misaligned construction

Another reason to have these business drones is to save money for the initial planning phase. Zenadrone’s collected data can help pinpoint the predicaments during the pre-construction. With the help of 3D elevation models, it can also spot faults before they happen. 

Also, during the construction work, the drones can help locate areas of the structure that is off-plan built that may cause a potential problem. So, instead of losing time and money due to a possible backtrack and rebuilding, drones can save resources for the long run.


Capability to run a post-project analysis

It enables the construction companies to have post-project documentation. In contrast, it can present the cost and period of the project. The documented data can help them analyze and refurnish the plan if a similar project arises. It can also help them estimate when bidding on the same construction project.

The use of Zenadrone 1000 helps to increase the efficiency of creating quality infrastructures. Thus, top commercial drone companies optimize the building works and maintenance costs through a feasible technology solution. Therefore, drones for construction are an essential tool that the industry needs to consider

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