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Social media is an instrument that is turning out to be exceptionally mainstream these days due to its easy-to-use highlights. Social media stages like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more allow individuals to associate with one another across distances. All in all, the entire world is readily available, all gratitude to social media. WIN A ACTION CAMERA, for more details. Revolution in Social Media

We have made an effort to revolutionize social media. We intend to make it better with new features being added monthly. is a social media platform that is similar to Facebook. While on the site you can instantly share onto your website. Never miss another birthday with our built in reminder.

Introduction to is just like Facebook. It is a website where you can upload pictures, view what other people have to show, comment, debate, and engage in group conversations. We will discuss the process of joining

Making an Account on

Making an account on is very simple. All you have to do is go to the website, sign-up using your email, and verify your email to become part of a great social media community.

Why Did We Feel the Need for

Well, as discussed earlier, is quite similar to most social media sites. is similar features to Facebook to work together and provide another fantastic platform with some additional options such as advertising. can directly share photo & posts with Facebook, Twitter, Whats app, Linked in and many more. Advertising is so easy.

User Experience

The user experience is awe-inspiring. Social media sites can entangle a person. Too many options can confuse new users. We are providing an easy, smooth user system. Once you sign up and log in with your credentials, you will see a clear dashboard. It has all the available options arranged in a symmetric manner. It is simple to see without using too much art or crafting animated stuff on the site. You will see your picture with a menu bar in the top right corner that navigates you to settings and other options like recent logins. It is the control panel of your account. Apart from that, all the messages and notifications will appear alongside messages and friend requests. The left side shows you how many users you are following. It also has a statistics bar that shows online users. The 3rd box at the left shows online friends in your friend list that makes it easier to see who is online at the moment that you are using the site.

The user experience is designed by keeping in mind that the users have a straightforward approach to anything they want on the site.  With minimum usage, any user will master using due to its easy interface. There is a birthdays column that displays all the birthdays on the right side of the current day. This is so good to have. Imagine that you forgot about the birthday of a really close friend. You are on your couch scrolling, and you see your friend in the birthday column. You can give him a surprise party to make up for your negligence. There is also a chat box at the bottom right. This is pretty much the style of Facebook. It can be considered as a more straightforward.

What to Upload

You can upload anything you want. Pictures, videos, and gifs. The only thing is that they don’t violate the community standards. This means that they should not be offensive to specific people, discriminate, and don’t hurt the feelings of any community. Apart from that, you can post anything you want. You can share your events, photos, and videos. Pictures are the most common type of media on social media. Videos follow them, and then there are gifs.

Who can Use

Honestly, people of all ages can use We have rated the site 12+ with apple. Apple app to be released 2021-2022. The content is strictly filtered to avoid anything harmful. People from different age groups can follow the profiles that suit their style. They can view content that is interesting to them.

On the main page, you can see five options with a home icon. The five options are members, groups, videos, advertise and follow. In members, you can view the recently active members and follow them. In groups, all your functional groups are present. You can manipulate your groups there. In the videos panel, there are trending, latest videos on as the name of the platform suggests that videos are more preferred here. You will see the latest videos here. You can paste the URL of videos to share them with the community.

Advertise is one of the essential sections. Here, you can manipulate ads, keep information about ongoing ads, and manage invoices and sponsorships. It doesn’t make any difference in the event that you run a little neighborhood shop or a major public organization. social media is a fundamental piece of your business-promoting procedure.

Social platforms assist you with associating with your clients, increment mindfulness about your image, and lift your leads and deals. With in excess of three billion individuals all throughout the planet utilizing social media consistently, the clients and commitment on powerful platforms simply continue to increment.

Advantages of advertising on are:

  • Here and there, an apparently introductory social media post, for example, one advancing a couple of shoes, can get many likes, remarks, and offers. Individuals can even inquire strangers as to whether they have gotten their shoes, how long the transportation required, on the off chance that they preferred them, and different inquiries.
  • Social media starts the discussion for moment cooperation, relationship building, and client devotion. Social channels develop, continually delivering new highlights, and this quickly changing climate can be scary for some entrepreneurs. In any case, recall: you don’t need to do everything. Play with better approaches to interface with your crowd, and allow yourself to learn as you go.
  •  At some point, you could post a progression of images and videos on to give clients a background visit through your office. Then following, you could have a brief Q&A meeting through Over the long run, you’ll find out about your devotees’ inclinations.

The points discussed above are a reason why we have introduced a separate section for advertisement. You can use to build your audience and then advertise your brand efficiently. is Connected to Big Social Media Platforms

By sharing something on, you can share that anywhere globally on social media platforms with huge names like Facebook, Linked In, and others. This means that using doesn’t isolate you from other social media platforms. You can always engage with people on other social media by our easy link. Our app has built-in integrations with Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in that allow you to access those websites easily from

You can use as a side-option for advertising and promoting your brand without your principal social media profiles being left unattended.

Free and Paid Advertisement

You can choose to display paid or free advertisements through our platform. The free advertisements will obviously not have reach and interaction equal to the paid advertising. However, still, for starters, the free ad is also good. Once you have developed a large-scale audience, you can shift to paid advertisement. We have put effort into creating an efficient social media platform that would help people communicate and, most importantly, advertise.

Custom User Groups

There is a facility to make custom user groups on There are many benefits of creating custom groups. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • Custom user groups only consist of people that you want to be added. There is no one else inside the group which means that everything discussed in the group stays in the group.
  • is not very common yet, and people can use this to their advantage. Some people in a firm want to have their own group but cannot risk being discovered on other social media platforms. These guys can join and make a custom group there. This way, no one will know about their group as it is on a totally different platform.
  • You can create different groups that promote chatting, meetings, and debates about some issues. The groups can be designed according to the need. Privacy settings allow users to keep the group open or private.


Social media has a big influence on our lives. is a new social media platform that is similar to Facebook. Instantly share to Facebook, Twitter, Linked in or your website. It is more easy-to-use. The main aim is to provide a new platform where the users feel the experience with some add-ons. We have discussed the features of, and we hope that you enjoy and recommend our site.

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