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Website Translation: Why is it Important?

Is there a Universal language For the World?

Do you ever wish that there was a universal language spoken all around the world? And you need not have to learn a new language just to get your message across.

This question may have been dealt with quite some resistance if it was three decades ago. But with time and technology, the integration of businesses around the world has led to a more interdependent world. There might not be a universal language. But the ability to transfer the message across from one language to another is possible. 

Rise of Translation Agencies Amid Language Diversity

With the sudden rise of translation agencies, businesses have the ability to offer their proposition to almost any community of the world. Website localization services have bridged the gap between world communities. And have enabled people to understand each other. 

If you have the aspirations to expand your business to a global scale, you need to understand why translating your website is the single most important thing that you can do. But it’s simpler said than done. It’s imperative for you to know exactly how it enables global market penetrations. 

Is Translating Websites Necessity?

In this article, we will discuss some of the important reasons that embolden the pros of website translations. So let’s discuss some of them;

  1. Wider Customer Reach
  • Market Potential Of Untapped Markets

If you believe that tapping the market potential of just your own region is profitable, then you would be surprised to hear the following fact;

Almost 90% of internet users are outside your home country.

From a business point of view, there is always an untapped market that you can penetrate. But in order to do that, you need assistance from website localization services. Only they can help you expand your customer reach. English may be the lingua franca of the world. But regional and native language is where you can attain the trust of the people. And motivate them to accept your business proposition.  

  • Affirmative Customer Response

Regardless of which industry you are in, customer response is always in the affirmative if the language used is their own. Hence, one has to localize their content to reach the maximum number of customers. And also increase their chances to get a positive response from them. 

  1. Translated Website Increases Accessibility
  • Competition For Customer Attention

In this competitive environment, businesses are competing against each other to grasp customer attention. One way to grasp that attention is via Search engine optimization. SEO allows Google to rank your website vis-a-vis search engines. 

  • SEO Ranking

The fact that there are 6500 languages spoken in the world makes the argument that people run a lot of searches in their own language.

 So if you take out the time and resources to allocate your attention to offer your service in one regional language, customer traffic of the particular region will all come onto your web content. 

And your website’s ranking will also appear at the top of google searches. 

  • Taking Assistance To Increase Accessibility

So for instance, if you want to offer an application to a specific locale, then make sure you take assistance from app localization services. They will ensure that your application gets adapted easily into the region. 

Moreover, this will increase your accessibility, which is quite an important aspect considering the competitive environment of today’s global world. 

  1. Competitive Advantage
  • Difficult To Stand Out From The Crowd In Today’s Global Era

Globalization has enabled heightened competition. The fact that the ease of doing business has increased since there are now more opportunities in the tech sector. It has motivated a lot of new startups to launch their product and service. 

This makes standing out from the competition and differentiating yourself from the rest is a lot more difficult. The tight market space makes it very difficult for firms to attract customers on a particular aspect. 

  • Personalizing Content; The Pathway To Customer’s Heart

The only way you can break that barrier is if you personalize your content.  And content cannot be personalized if it’s not in the native language of the target consumer. Once you create content that the person understands and can relate to you’re already ahead of the curve. 

There is a reason why some software applications are more successful than others. The reason behind their success is actually the personalized aspect. And the only way to personalize software is to take assistance from software localization services

  • Market Leaders 

A lot of companies that attain success in a short period of time are due to the fact that they were the first ones to penetrate a market or an industry. If you are the first one, you may have the opportunity to make the fit impression. Moreover, if you enter a particular segment of the society, with localized content that caters to the specific needs of the consumer, you will be able to establish strong roots in that market. 

  • International Brand Power

And on top of that, you will sow the seeds of an international brand. Since people love and prefer firms that are specific to their locale, it enables positive customer feedback. And nothing is more advantageous in this competitive global era than positive word of mouth.  


Website translation has become the need of the hour. This is not only for the business community but in general as well. 

In today’s age of COVID-19 pandemic and general welfare for the community, it’s important that the world community is on a single page. But in order to do that, the diversity of languages must be bridged through the medium of translations. Thereby, software localization services and app localization services are in more demand than they were ever before.  

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